8 Real Life Examples Of The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio—represented by the number 1.618 or the Greek letter for "phi"—occurs when the summation of two quantities is equal to the ratio of the quantity as a whole. It's been used in architecture and art to create what was believed to be the most aesthetically pleasing designs that exhibited perfect symmetry and has also applied to measuring beauty in humans.

The above photo of a 2015 New Year's Eve street scene of drunken revelers in Manchester has been compared to a Renaissance masterpiece. The image, shot by freelance news photographer Joel Goodman, depicts police wrestling a man in the foreground, as crowds look on. A man in blue reclines in the road while reaching for a nearby beer.

The image went viral, and the the golden spiral was placed on the photo to show that it was indeed a “perfect composition.” Goodman has taken his newfound fame in stride, saying that he was merely "in the right place at the right time."

Is Trump's popularity due to his “universal beauty”? Some people in Japan believe so.

Tocana—a Japanese news site for all things paranormal—recently theorized that 45's popularity could be linked to the fact that his face fits the “golden ratio”—a mathematical measure of beauty.
It proclaimed that when the golden ratio and Trump's profile photo are put together, "you can see that the ratio of the distance from his ear to the back side of his head and the length from top of his head to his forehead matches the golden ratio perfectly. It matches so perfectly that it makes us shudder.” (It makes us shudder too, but perhaps for different reasons.)

Using computer facial mapping technology, a London cosmetic surgeon measured the proportions of actor George Clooney's face and calculated its proximity to the golden ratio sweet spot. It was pretty much on the money.

Clooney was determined to be a 91.86 % match to the 1.618 ratio, according to Dr. Julian De Silva, a Harley Street clinician. “He has beautiful facial symmetry and gets closer than any other man to having what the Greeks considered the perfect face,” De Silva said. Runners up include Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Harry Styles and David Beckham.

Yes, the golden ratio also occurs in music! After Lady Gaga's single “Perfect Illusion” dropped in September 2016, one focus of internet chatter has been on the song's epic key change. It occurs at exactly the right moment (1:51 to be exact) to achieve the golden ratio, giving music theory nerds everywhere a reason to defend their love of Mother Monster.

Gaga is a Juilliard-trained pianist—she's almost certain to learned the core mathematical principles involved in the creation of music.

Game of Thrones' end may be near, but some things in Westeros are eternal—we're talking about the enduring perfection of Jon Snow's (Kit Harrington) butt.

Fans of the King in the North's behind were treated to a rare glimpse of his ample curvature when he had incestuous boat sex with Dany in the season 7 finale. If that wasn't enough, the genius behind the Twitter account @FibonacciSpiral saw the laws of nature on...well, full....display. Snow's butt, it seems, perfectly fits the golden spiral. In other words, his rear is eternal in its perfection.

2014 was a tense year for Ukrainian/Russian relations. So much so, that Parliament members and protesting members of the pro-Russian opposition movement duked it out in Parliament. Luckily, an anonymous Reuter's photographer snapped away as fists flew, and out came this perfectly composed image. Imgur user tajanstvenix recognized the picture's classical composition right away, and added the golden ratio to this “Parliamentary masterpiece."

Twitter user @LydiaBurrell confirmed what the Japanese website Tocana theorized—that Donald Trump possesses a mathematical beauty that is hard to ignore. However, she didn't find it it in his profile—instead, she found it in his behind. And how did the rest of Twitter respond, you ask?

A photograph of Justin Bieber being held by the throat by another man has caused a stir because of its perfect composition and likeness to a Renaissance painting.

The grainy image shows rapper Post Malone clutching the singer around the neck. Sure, the first thing people were curious about was the context (what had the Beebs done to warrant this action?), but art historians couldn't help noticing the photo's perfect composition, and the light, shade, and drama typical of 15th and 16th-century masters. Eagle-eyed Twitterers also agreed that the picture contains the "golden ratio," after an image of the original photograph had the spiral superimposed on it.