9 Horrible Dates Captured On Twitter

Courtship before the invention of social media wasn't necessarily better, but it sure was a heck of a lot easier. Here's why—only the two people involved (and a few innocent bystanders) were witness to a date going wrong.

Thanks to our obsession with Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and every other social media platform, awful dates are now seen by the masses. Often, it's not even the people involved on the date doing the oversharing. Waiters, bartenders, coffee shop patrons and complete strangers are all too eager to spill the cringe-worthy details of the meeting gone rotten just a few tables over.

Live tweets of uncomfortable dates are a guilty obsession, so here are ten instances in which the people involved would have been better served by staying home and binge watching GLOW.

1A Case Of Bad Fish


New York-based writer Kelly Fine went to a sushi bar in Brooklyn for dinner and witnessed a bro making things uncomfortable for not just his date, but his server. The man spent the entire evening ordering food for his companion and pestering the staff because they didn't have his favorite kind of fish.

24 Dates In A Day


Also in the Big Apple, Carrie Mantha overheard a conversation between two people who met on Tinder. The vomit-inducing meeting involved the guy not only bragging about this being his fourth Tinder date of the day (he cut the rendezvous short—the girl wasn't cute enough, so he left before she could spot him) and how turned off he was one woman had the nerve to finish her dessert.

3Multitasking Maniac


The lothario in the above tale has nothing on this pompous punk. The guy scheduled six dates AT THE SAME. Luckily, girl #1 figured out what was going on and recruited the other five women to make the evening one he'd never forget. BTW, he showed up with a sparkly blue cane, in case a mental picture was necessary to hate this guy more.

4Coffee Talk


Canadian blogger Anne Thériault overheard a writer tell a woman everything she never needed to know. Thériault live-tweeted each jaw-dropping moment of the java meet-up, in which the guy bragged about being an authority on just about everything, including why his date's job sucked.

5Family-Style Gossip


This date differs from the first few in that it wasn't the worst ever, but one of the participant's occupations was so interesting, it turned into a pseudo job interview.

Joe Wadlington went on a date with a man who once worked as the general manager of the Olive Garden in Times Square. Wadlington spent the next two hours grilling the guy on horror stories which included two female customers getting into a knife fight and how running out of breadsticks is akin to Armageddon.

6That Escalated Quickly


Even celebs can't help but eavesdrop to and share on social when a date goes from captivating to "car crash" in a matter of seconds. Actor Colton Haynes witnessed a rendezvous that might make a good script for American Horror Story. With minutes of sitting down, the man admitted to being married and called his date by the wrong name. The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes, and there wasn't a happy Hollywood ending.

7A Royal Breakup


If you're going to break things off with your significant other, have the decency to do it in private, and not on a date at Burger King. A young couple had their marriage sink deeper than the germs inside a BK ball pit, and web developer Andy Boyle bore witness to the entire uncomfortable dissolution. There is a silver lining—while one relationship went south, Boyle saw another bond grow stronger. “Another unrelated couple,” he tweeted, “who has been giving me the 'can you believe this?' look, is hugging each other in response to this drama.”

8Tuesday With Morrie


In 2014, when she was living in Boston, a young woman named Priya-Alika Elias arranged a date with a guy from OkCupid. He didn't mention his age, which wasn't that weird to Elias until she arrived to meet her potential suitor. He was 97-years-old.

9Sh*t Happens


The final meetup on our list is one so horrific; the details should have never seen the light of day. But alas, people love to overshare, and we bear witness to Makela, a Toronto native who went number 2 at a date's house without knowing the toilet was out of service. She ended up taking matters into her own hands, quite literally, when she decided the best course of action was to take the remains AND SHOVE IT INTO HER PURSE.