11 Spectacular Grooming Fails

Less punk rock and more donkey, but still pretty cute.

If those are supposed to be suspenders, we wonder what the front looks like.

The look is part dog, part Yeti.

Majestic like a lion.

A Pokémon, if humiliation were one of its characteristics.

The Twitter caption for this disaster: "I asked (the) groomer to shave a heart on my dogs butt... what I expected vs what I got."

This horrible haircut was not for the faint of heart.

A Pomeranian in China named Jin Dan apparently stood on his hind legs for several days after being traumatized by the haircut above. His owner took him to a vet, who claimed he was psychologically disturbed by the haircut and recommended his owner spend more time with him. Eventually, he calmed down enough to return to return to all fours.

His heart was in the right place—his grooming skills, not so much.

Jin Jin's owner Xie Qian Qian has her feline shaved every once in a while to help keep him cool and the house less covered in hair, but when she arrived to pick him up from a groomer, she was taken aback by Jin Jin's new look. We can sure see why!

Mimi, an 11-year-old Shih Tzu, is normally groomed to the nines, as her family shells out $150 for her monthly haircuts. They recently decided to cut corners, and well, they got what they paid for indeed!