9 Weird Breads

1Unicorn Sweet Bread

With Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino now a thing of the past, Houston's El Bolillo Bakery is carrying the multi-colored torch by putting its own sweet spin on the craze. The Pandaria has introduced pink, blue, and purple pan dulce (or sweet bread) to its already impressive array of confections. And they, like Starbucks, can barely keep it on the shelves.

2The World's Most Expensive Bread

In 2014, a Spanish bakery, Pan Piña, sold bread at £93 a loaf. Each 400g (14 oz) loaf contained whole wheat flour, spelt, and dehydrated honey. But that's not worth that much, is it? No, but the 250mg sprinkling of gold dust on top did the trick and made it the most expensive bread in the world.

3Rey's Space Bread From The Force Awakens

In under five minutes, you too can make the weird, greenish bread Rey made in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

By the way—the bread from the movie wasn't CGI, it was a practical effect and also edible! The visual effects artists who worked on the film used vacuums to remove the water and puff up it simultaneously, and it took a whopping three months to create!

4Bread Heads

Artist Kittiwat Unarrom works at his father's bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand and all of his baked creations are of human parts of the body in various stages of disrepair! The results are unnervingly realistic with eyes, lips, and other details constructed out of cashews, raisins and the like. A lack of hair and blood-like glazes make the work all the more creepy.

5Canned Brown Bread

Boston Brown Bread made by B & M Baked Beans in Maine is also known as "bread in a can." It's a super-dense, dark brown bread made with wheat and rye flour. It is lightly spiced, and moist thanks to buttermilk, and it's sweetened with rich, dark molasses. Sometimes it has raisins, sometimes not, but it's always marked with rings from the can, like that love-it-or-hate-it cranberry sauce. Don't knock it till you tried it!

6Pompeii Bread

It's gotta be as hard as a rock by now! This loaf of bread, made in the first century AD, was discovered at Pompeii and preserved for centuries in the volcanic ashes of Mount Vesuvius.

The markings visible on the top are made from a Roman bread stamp, which bakeries were required to use in order to mark the source of the loaves and to prevent fraud. It reads "Property of Celer, Slave of Q. Granius Verus." It is also wrapped in a cord, and it's divided into eight wedges.

7Bread Made With Cricket Flour

It looks good, but would you eat it? Cricket flour is growing in popularity, despite being more expensive than the traditional all-purpose stuff ($1 an ounce versus about $1 a pound). The gluten-free, high-protein flour somewhat makes up for its price with ease of use—it can act as a 1:1 replacement in any baking recipe.

Crickets require six times less feed than cattle do. Cricket flour, in particular, has 15% more iron than spinach, and two times more protein than beef, according to manufacturer claims, so what's not to love?

8Charcoal Bread

Activated charcoal has gained popularity for its ability to turn just about any food jet-black. It's also rumored to have health benefits, such as drawing toxins out of the body, quelling gastrointestinal distress, and alleviating a hangover.

Unfortunately for bakers in Europe, activated charcoal counts as food coloring (E153 Carbon Black) the addition of which is banned in baked goods under EU law. The Italian Ministry of Health is cracking down on bakeries selling charcoal-infused bread marketed as healthy. In other words, according to the Italian powers that be, if it contains activated charcoal, it's not real bread.

9Menstruation Tracking Bun

Check out this crossover collaboration between Circle K-Sunkus convenience stores in Japan and website Luna Luna—a pink steamed bun.

The Luna Luna Strawberry Cream Milk Bun is made with pink dough, stamped with the Luna Luna rabbit mascot, and filled with strawberry and soy milk cream. And what is so unusual about this bun, you ask? Luna-Luna is a menstruation-tracking website, so the different shades of pink and red represent...oh, never mind.

The bun came wrapped in paper with bits of female wisdom collected from Luna Luna users. These included pearls like, “When your friend's boyfriend isn't that attractive, say he looks really kind” and “Don't say ‘Let's grab a bite sometime' unless you really mean it."