10 Unbelievable Eye Makeup Trends

London-based Ellie Costello, 19, has been perfecting what she calls the "terrarium" eye, a tangle of blooms and 3-D appliqués on the lid that beautifully recalls the materials from the DIY kit you once let rot in its own glass globe mausoleum.

More and more makeup artists have been experimenting with color-blocked eye makeup. They create using big blocks of bright, opaque color on the face and the runway quite literally comes up rainbows.

Feather eyebrows are brows that have been parted and sculpted to look like feathers. Finnish MUA Stella Sironen posted the first known photo of what she'd later call the #featherbrow in April 2017. The arch's hairs are split down the middle using a glue stick for an effect that resembles barbs diverging along a quill.

Technically it's eyewear, but can it be classified as makeup? Karen Walker likes to think so. She's bringing her version of “eye shadow” to market through her new collection of sunglasses. “We wanted to play with the idea of going from eyewear to a beauty product….It gives the impression of a dusting of an eye shadow over the eyes rather than pale frames,” the designer said of her Karen Walker Eyeshadow collection. She removed the rims from the glasses and made the lens colors “really soft and pared back” to create an illusion of makeup. Frames are available in silver mirror, tortoiseshell, marigold with pink or gold mirror lenses. Prices range from $220 to $250.

Meme eye makeup is a trend that's been cropping up in recent weeks. Pop culturally aware doodlings of a crying Kim Kardashian, the "Salt Bae," a hollering Meryl Streep, and Evil Kermit have been represented on Instagram eyelids worldwide.

Unlike the usual way of wearing falsies to open up your eyes, the reverse lash trend involves flipping them around, which means gluing the tips of your falsies instead of the root. The result? Dramatic, spidery lashes that look out of this world.

Always wanted to be a Disney princess? Instagram's beauty daredevils are crafting delicate little tiaras on their eyelids and topping them with bling worthy of a royal. This regal trend was started by 19-year-old Nebraska-based makeup artist, Marissa Melhorn. The beauty "queen" first posted her tiara-topped lids back in December 2016.

One Instagram account that is universally loved belongs to makeup artist Terry Barber, director of makeup artistry at MAC. His inspiration shoutouts to everyday things are truly unique, and all documented in his feed.

Your eyes or lips can look like they're glowing, thanks to these skillful recreations in neon. These fluorescent, light-inspired makeup looks are not as complicated as they look. They begin with a base of black which is outlined white and blended with neon pink, blue, or yellow to complete the glowing effect.

If you're looking for a super simple hack that will take your look from 30 to 100 likes in 2.5 seconds—well, check out the halo eye. All you do is apply a little shadow to the lower lashes of your eyes and BOOM; it makes your stare ten times fiercer. We can't help but wonder—how was this not a thing before this year?!