11 Cool Unicorn-Inspired Objects

1Unicorn Grilled Cheese

Cheesy—but in a good way! The "unicorn toastie" has gone viral after Hong Kong's KALA Toast launched the dish. It oozes with melted cheese in a kaleidoscope of colors. Lavender, basil and tomato flavors make up the different colors melted into four different kinds of cheese—mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental and gruyere—to produce a marbled effect.

2Unicorn Flatware

If you're looking for the newest trend for flatware in 2017, oil-slick or iridescent effect is it. Tom Dixon's latest collection went all in, and it seems like the kind of thing you'd see in a unicorn's home.

3A Unicorn Candle (That Cries Rainbow Tears)

Cute, creepy or a bit sadistic? This Crying Unicorn Candle, by U.K. retailer Firebox, comes with three spiraled horn-shaped candles that, when lit, melt through the creature's eye sockets and makes it look like it's crying rainbows.

4Unicorn Meat

Despite claims that unicorn meat is "easily spreadable for sandwiches" and "lowers LDL cholesterol," there isn't any unicorn meat in the can. Instead, for $16.40 (£13.42), you can buy a dismembered, but cuddly, toy unicorn instead. But does it taste like rainbows?

5Unicorn Blanket

Here's a unicorn blanket that you can use to escape to a magical world in—like your couch. It's the cutest thing we've seen in a long time and has ears, hair and of course, a horn. The pattern is available on Ravelry from designer MJ's Off the Hook Designs.

6Unicorn Prosthetic

11-year-old Jordan Reeves was born without a fully developed left arm. While attending a “Superhero Cyborgs” camp last year, she decided to design a prosthetic arm that shoots glitter. The creative kid made sure the arm, which is shaped like a horn, was as sparkly as possible.

7Unicorn-Inspired Makeup Collection

Tarte's Make Believe in Yourself new unicorn-inspired collection dropped in March 2017. It comes complete with makeup brushes, a rainbow highlighter, a palette, five limited-edition lipsticks, and liners. The glitter, rose-gold, and holographic shades are sure to make you feel like a IRL version of the mythical creature.

8Unicorn Dildos

We've now officially seen it all—retailer Geeky Sex Toys has created pearlescent dildos shaped like unicorn horns. The pink, white, or lilac horns are twisted and tapered into a point. Each one is 7.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide at the base, narrowing to just 2 inches at the tip. There's a super strong suction cup on one end, which you can attach to someone else's genital area. Or a wall. Or their head, if you're really into unicorn role play, in which case, you're probably a little weird.

9Unicorn Noodles

Unicorn noodles are now a thing, particularly on Instagram. Food blog The Indigo Kitchen is the source of this colorful dish, and creator A.J. has been sharing photos of his noodle masterpieces on Instagram since 2015. They've captured the hearts and taste buds of his many followers, who simply couldn't resist following suit by posting their creations.

10Unicorn Soap

Earth's Raw Beauty has created soap (called "Believe In Magic") that looks like a unicorn with all the colors of the rainbow. It's only $6 and comes with several skin-softening ingredients including goat milk, shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. The scent—an intoxicating blend of berries, apples, peaches, and kumquat—makes it even more enchanting.

11A Wedding—With A "Real" Unicorn!

Jody and Frank, a fantasy-loving Manakin-Sabot, Virginia couple, decided to have a petting zoo at their wedding that featured what appeared to a real unicorn. (Okay, we know unicorns don't exist, but we can dream, can't we?)

The couple employed a miniature white horse as their unicorn, complete with a blue-and-pink sparkly mane, a gold horn, and a bright pink leash, courtesy of Kim Moody Design.