12 Of The Dumbest Officially Licensed KISS Products


This casket, or "kasket," ensures that diehard KISS fans can be with his (or her) favorite band long after death—because rock 'n' rolling all night and partying every day just isn't enough for some people.

2Air Guitar Strings

Sure, any band could release branded guitar strings, but it takes a ballsy group to sell officially licensed air guitar strings—in other words, bags of empty air with KISS packaging.


"Netflix and chill" was never so rock 'n' roll until a cozy, KISS Snuggie was thrown into the mix.


Women may be fascinated with Gene Simmons' lengthy tongue, but that doesn't mean they want a French kiss from an officially licensed condom stretched over his big ol' "Love Gun."

5Future Roadie Onesie

Hey, at least it doesn't say "future groupie," but this doesn't exactly show that you have high expectations for your child's future.

6Ski Mask

It's easy enough to paint your face with KISS makeup, but when it's cold out, sometimes you need to cover up. Fortunately, this ski mask lets you rock that classic Catman look, while staying warm.


Have you ever looked at pictures of a sweaty Gene Simmons or Ace Frehley after a live concert and thought "man, I wish I smelled like them?" Well, now's your chance, thanks to this classy KISS scent.


Of course, cologne alone won't make you smell like a post-concert Paul Stanley. For that, you'll need officially licensed KISS deodorant to make sure you have that perfect level of pit funk.

9Air Freshener

Even with KISS cologne and deodorant, rock 'n' roll doesn't always smell so great. If your car is starting to feel not-so-fresh, you can reduce the funk by adding this KISS air freshener—a must-have car accessory for driving through Detroit Rock City.

10Cookie Jar

I don't know what's worse—putting your cookies in Gene Simmons head or thinking about his tongue licking your treats before you eat them.

11Potato Heads

It seems there are just as many Mr. Potato Head products as there is KISS swag, so it's only natural that the two combined forces for an epic set of potato-themed toys.


Nothing says "I wanna rock 'n' roll all night" like checkers. ow you can spice up the retirement home game collection with your favorite aged rockers. Coming up? KISS shuffleboard!