Indian Man Chops Off Own Penis for ‘Greater Good’ After Smoking Weed

  • Be careful with the weed, alright?

A lot of places around the world are gradually starting to legalize cannabis. And as far as psychoactive drugs go, weed is one of the milder ones.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t mess with your brain with unfortunate results. Let this bizarre and gruesome story of an Indian man serve as a cautionary tale.

On May 19, a man by the name of Md Sahajul Ali from the village of Dekar in western India got his hands on some weed. But after smoking it, he had an unusual reaction.

Now, we should first mention that Ali reportedly also uses other drugs. Tribune India also noted that he suffers from mental health issues, so we can’t attribute everything that happened just to cannabis.

But whatever the ultimate cause, the weed sent Ali into a psychotic breakdown. According to reports, he was overwhelmed by an intense feeling of guilt for smoking the drug.

To put things right, Ali did the only reasonable thing in the situation. He cut off his own penis.

‘For the Greater Good’

Needless to say, the stunt landed Ali in a hospital. Try as we might, we couldn’t find any reports on whether doctors were able to save his member.

That’ll just have to remain a mystery.

However, at the hospital, Ali gave a more detailed explanation about his motivation to mutilate his genitals. He told reporters that despite his drug habit, he’s a religious man.

We weren’t able to confirm which religion Ali subscribes to, but in his own words, its tenets consider drug use sinful. But Ali said he was aware that he’s so addicted that he feels he can’t live without drugs.

So, he decided to sacrifice his penis to atone for his sinful ways.

“My religion does not allow me to take cannabis. After I smoked it, I was worried that something bad was going to happen to society,” Ali explained.

“I chopped off my penis for the greater good and to repent my action,” he added.

But before removing it, Ali had had a chance to make use of his penis as he has a son. In interviews, his son confirmed that his father is religious and did what he did out of fear of divine retribution.

The son, together with one of Ali’s friends, admitted that the man does suffer from serious mental problems. Over the years, he’s been involved in many strange incidents, like claiming that he spent a night with a lion in 2003.

We couldn’t find out what exactly Ali meant by “spending the night with a lion.” But we sincerely hope it didn’t involve his now-removed organ.

Another Penis Gone

Bizarrely enough, Ali’s incident isn’t the only cannabis-related case of genital self-mutilation we’ve seen this year. Just a few months earlier in February, a similar episode played out in Thailand.

In this case, a 23-year-old Thai man acquired two grams of cannabis. In case you need a frame of reference, that’s about six joints worth. What we’re saying is, it’s a lot — more than you should smoke at once.

But that’s just what this man did. He smoked two bong-fulls of the stuff in one session all on his own.

According to Independent, things got weird about two hours after his weed binge. The man suddenly developed a long-lasting painful erection that just wouldn’t go away.

He hadn’t reportedly had any sexual stimulation, and his erection caused him a “severe persistent sharp pain.” When he claimed that his penis started looking “distorted,” he took matters into his own hands.

By which we mean that he grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off his member.

The man didn’t initially seek medical attention afterward. But once he’d spent two hours bleeding from his now about one-inch stump of a penis, he decided to go to the hospital.

Unfortunately for him, there was nothing the doctors could do to reconstruct his manhood. According to them, the severed shaft was too “dirty and fragile” and had somehow been infested with ants.

In a report, the doctors described the incident as a “devastating event [that could affect] the quality of life.”

We’d be inclined to agree.