Indian Man Caught For Poaching, Mutilating Animals – And Eating Their Testicles

  • Punishment should fit the crime. I say they cut off HIS testicles and see how he likes it!
Photo by Jan Gemerle on Unsplash
Photo by Jan Gemerle on Unsplash


We all have our coping methods, so this could be worse, right?


The Indian man, Yarlen, has been on the run. He has been a tiger poacher for years. Though he was more recently arrested for killing sloth bears and cutting off their genitals… To eat his ‘very important catches’, as he calls them.

Madhya Pradesh Forest

The authorities were first alerted about a sloth bear carcasses in their national park. The nomadic Pardhi-Behelia tribe Yarlen is a part of believes animal genitals are aphrodisiac, according to Ritesh Sirothia with Madhya Pradesh Forest Department. Yarlen allegedly had several different identities to evade capture. While Yarlen has yet to be charged and doesn’t have a lawyer, he is to appear in court on the 30th of this month and is remaining in custody. “We created a special cell to track him down and arrest him. It was our longest case, it went on for six years,” said Mr. Sirothia, who leads the forest department’s special task force.

Yarlen’s Tribe

Found in South India’s Madhya Pradesh, the Pardhi-Behelia tribe has traditionally lived in forests and depended on hunting for survival. Hunting wild animals is illegal in India, including for the tribal communities, even though it’s a cultural ritual in the area. Yarlen was first arrested in 2013 after the police found two sloth bear carcasses from Kanha national park missing their genitalia and gall bladders. He spent a year in jail before being freed on bail, according to Bear bile, which is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years and can fetch a rather high price at illegal international markets.

The Case

Mr. Sirothia said that there were six carcasses registered against Yarlen in the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species – of Wild Fauna and Flora – ). There are three cases against Yarlen involve him poaching tigers.