In Case You Didn’t Know, Owls Sleep Face Down

  • And it’s for the cutest reason, ever. 

We all know that babies are born with heads too big for their bodies. It turns out, this happens in the animal world, too, to baby owls.

Baby owls are born with heads that are so heavy, that they have to sleep face down. How is that not the cutest damn thing you heard all day?

People first saw this as a meme because it had the whole, “go home owl, you’re drunk” vibe. Of course people right away didn’t want to believe it was true but as more and more photos surfaced of the young owls lying down to sleep, everyone just continued to love on the images.

So the thing is that adult owls sleep standing up because they are fully developed. Younger owls struggle to hold the weight of their heads up as they are not yet fully developed, and thus, they have to lie down. 

Twitter users began sharing images of the sleeping animals and one wrote:

“I’ve been trying to find the original photographer for this image, but no luck. It’s obviously a captive bird. Regardless, yes, young nestling owls do sleep, or rest lying down. Their heads are too heavy for their bodies.”

A non-profit environmental organisation dedicated to conservation also confirmed the silly sleep habits in an article. A listener of BirdNote, the society’s podcast, shared how he discovered the two baby owls and was then asked to observe them as they nap.

The listener shared that he was delighted to find that the two baby owls sleep on their stomachs with their head turned to the side. ‘Their naps are short, and when they are asleep, they do not like to be awakened, even to be fed.’



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