How To Shave With a Safety Razor

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Safety Razors are Making a Comeback!


While electric razors may have been flying off the racks for some time, many are coming back to the traditional way of shaving. And while cartridge razors have dominated the shaving scene for some time, Mother Nature is not too happy about it.

Why not? Shaving with a safety razor comes with some benefits. Team Apricots has a great list of the best safety razors for women; you can find it here.


Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor

 1. Environmentally friendly.

As compared to cartridge razors, safety razors aren’t made of plastic. And plastic is currently one of the major sea pollutants in our oceans. So skipping on a disposable razor will lessen your plastic use.

 2. That multi-blade action might not be too good for your skin.

Some cartridge razors and electric shavers have multi-blade cartridges. While it may seem that more blades is equivalent to a cleaner shave, this blade system tends to pull the skin. This results in the hair being cut below the skin and can result in ingrown hairs.

The multi-blade action may also make your skin more prone to nicks and cuts.

3. You get a more consistent shave.

The single blade action of safety razors doesn’t tug or pull the hair. And it cuts hair at the skin level every single time. This also lessens the risk of cuts, nicks, and growth of ingrown hairs.

People are so obsessed with getting that close-cut, that multi-blades have become the go-to-tool to achieve this. But in reality, cutting too close to the skin can result in a myriad of skin discomforts. Not to mention, it can result in recurring ingrown hair! Yes, it can be painfully irritating!

Getting the best safety razor can prevent all of these, while still giving you a good, decent shave!


So How do you Use a Safety Razor? Keep Scrolling…


Steps to Shave with a Safety Razor


1. Skin prep is everything.

Whether you’re shaving your legs or bikini area, it’s a must to exfoliate first. Take a good hot shower ( this also helps open up the pores) and get a loofah or scrub and gently wash away all those dead skin cells.

That’ll make your skin softer so that shaving will be easier. Aside from that, shaving on a clean slate prevents the growth of ingrown hairs.

2. Apply a quality shaving gel, lotion or cream.

Even if you’ve already softened your skin, it’s a must to apply skin gel, lotion or cream first. Just apply a dollop of cream into the area and massage it lightly. High-quality shaving creams moisturize and hydrate your skin while you shave.

3. Time to shave! Before you start to shave, always remember these:

  • Shave following the growth of your hair. While shaving against the grain may seem tempting if you want a closer shave, it would just result in nicks and cuts.
  • Make sure that the blades are fresh and new. Shaving with dull blades can lead to a blotchy face which can be quite messy.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure! Let the safety razor work for you.
  • So get your trusty safety razor and position it at 30 degrees angle to your skin.
  • Shave using slow and gentle strokes. You might be tempted to do one quick stroke for your entire leg, but don’t or you’ll regret it! That’s the quickest way to get nicks and cuts.
  • Shave a few inches at a time, and never rush!



Shaving is an art, and it’s a grooming routine that you can look forward to! Provided that you get the best safety razor, and follow our guide, it doesn’t need to be messy, every time you shave.