The Worst Things That A Rideshare Driver Can Do: Part Two

Did you read The Worst Things That A Rideshare Driver Can Do: Part One? Because this is part two. And here are the rest of the things that a rideshare driver can do, that are the worst.

Not Know Where They’re Going

This falls under asking the rider how to get somewhere or calling them and having them explain to the driver where they are, but almost worse. If you are driving in a city, it’s your responsibility as the driver to know the area, at least well enough so that you can get your rider from where they are, to where they want to go. And drivers who aren’t familiar with the area and or are having an issue with the GPS that the rideshare company provides, need to have and use another form of GPS that ensures they will know how to get their rider to and from. It doesn’t matter if you pull up an “old school” map on Google to figure it out or use Google maps or Waze or another app, just make sure that you as the driver, you do all the work, so that you passenger doesn’t have to. After all, that is what they are paying the company and you for, to give them a ride and take care of everything that comes along with that.

Talk on Their Phone

There is nothing worse than a rideshare driver who insists on talking on their phone the whole time. It doesn’t matter if the call is for work or personal, if the driver is yelling or talking quietly, or anything else, their main concern should be on you, your comfort, and making sure that you are taken care of throughout your transport.

Not Be Understood

I am not that person who thinks, “If you live in America, you should speak English.” However, if you work in a service industry and you need to talk to people, it is important that your language skills are good enough to be able to communicate with your customer base, also known as the people you are driving around. There are lots of ways to better your language skills, no matter what you are trying to learn. Watching tv and movies, listening to the radio, reading children’s books, or even language classes are all great ways to up your game and improve your skills. You just have to make sure that you know enough to help or talk, at least briefly, to the person that’s paying for you to give them a ride.

These are the worst things that rideshare drivers can do. And while we hope none of them happen, they probably will at some point. Remember, you rate your driver after the fact, with one to five stars, can leave a comment, and a tip. So act accordingly, and good luck to you!