How To Get An Email Notification From the Scans Made By Your QR Code, For Marketing

  • QR codes are now used to everything these days, it seems...

With digital marketing reaching the peak of becoming the most used type of marketing by most marketers, constantly tracking its performance throughout the campaign is something that most of them find difficult to maintain. 

Because of the need to constantly monitor the scan performance of their QR codes, many companies and marketers are now looking for new ways to automate their data monitoring, whether via text or email. And with their search, they end up paying for more tools to use in their performance monitoring journey. 

Since the hassle of integrating various apps to automate their QR code scan results is present, the market provides the best solutions to get a scan results notification via text or email occasionally. 

As a result, many of them resort to finding an online QR code generator with logo that provides the needed solutions for constantly getting a notification of the scan results made according to the interval of the scans they want to get. 

And by partnering with the right QR code creator, they can rest easy on the additional cost incurred by making an app connection from the QR code software to the automation tool of their choice. 

Why does getting a QR code generator with the most useful features stand out more from other QR code makers?

As there are hundreds of online QR code generators that anyone can use for their marketing and operations strategies, it is essential for one to carefully choose the right tool to partner with for a long time. 

And as it is challenging to choose the right one, here are some of the reasons why getting a QR code generator with the most useful features is essential for users. 

  1. Reduces the cost of getting more features
  2. You will only need to use one software to maximize your QR code campaign
  3. Secures the future of marketing by offering new features that every marketer should look out for.

How can a user get notified of the number of scans made by the QR code in a given period?

There are two known ways a user can get notified with the number of scans made by the QR code they integrate for their marketing campaigns; through the use of an email scan notification feature or the SMS scan notification. 

Both of these means can enable the user to quickly get updated with the scans made by the QR code they use without occasionally opening their QR code portal. By simply setting the frequency interval of the scan results they want to get notified, they can get the scan reports of their QR code through SMS or email.

But as superb SMS can be, the limitation in compiling these reports in one folder can’t be achieved since most messaging apps require them to sync their messages online. Due to the flaws SMS has, getting scan notifications via email is the best option for users to bring their scan reports. 

Because of this setup, some QR code providers opt to set the email scan notification feature as their default means of sending as it stores the message securely online.

How to activate an email scan notification feature from your dynamic QR code?

Since monitoring the performance of the QR code you use for your marketing campaigns is crucial to anticipate the trend of the impressions made by your target audience, setting up the code with an email scan notification feature is the next step you need to follow. 

To get email scan notifications from the QR code you use for your campaign, you will first need to sign up for a QR code generator with a logo online that offers this feature and create the dynamic QR code you will use. 

Afterward, you can continue adding the QR code expiry feature to the code by following these steps:

  1. Go to the track data tab and find the dynamic QR code you want to set an email scan notification with.
  2. Click the bell icon aligned to the code.
  3. Select the frequency of the email scan notifications you want to receive from your dynamic QR code (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly)
  4. Click the save button, and you will now receive a scan notification on the email you used to register. 


With the issues many marketers and companies experienced before, advancing the technology has become the solution many developers integrate. And as they improve, features like receiving an email notification from the QR code used in their campaign emerges.