Excellent Promotional Gifts Made Easy, with 12 Ideas to Choose From

  • You want to make the best promotional gift. Something that your customers really need. There is so much to gain...
  • Strong loyalty. Using the branded product regularly, your customer will feel like an ambassador of your company. They will identify themselves steadfastly with your brand.

  • A personal connection. The perfect corporate gift will make your customer feel not only valued but treasured. Receiving an amazingly useful present will send the clear message that you care for the customer a lot. What better way to earn their long-lasting trust?


  • Huge advertising potential. Each time your customer wears or uses your branded product, they will show off your company logo. High-quality promotional gifts last for years. This could mean hundreds of opportunities to introduce your business!


Think about what we described. Now tell us this:

How many promotional products have you personally received during the years that could be characterized in such terms, honestly? Not a lot, right?

Most corporate trinkets have probably been left untouched; some have been thrown away. Do you wonder why that is?

Well, our simple answer would be that these items simply did not stand out enough for you.

In a world of constant overproduction, they were not special enough for you.

A successful promotional gift campaign requires a standout product – simple as that.

You want to find the right item to do the job. You may already have a general idea as to what that item could be. However, it is completely understandable if the exact vision escapes you at this moment. There are so many companies offering promotional products, no wonder it makes your head spin. But have no fear: professionals who work in this industry daily can offer splendid advice on what pays off and what doesn’t. They have a broad overview of products that make bestsellers.

It goes the other way too: you would surely like to find a trustworthy supplier who has the courage to be straightforward with you. If they have any doubts about your promotional strategy making the cut, they should simply tell it like it is.

Be the company your customers remember the most.

Start thinking about the ways you can be one – or several – steps ahead of your competition.

Perhaps you can offer a more personal approach? What could bring your game to the next level?

One important aspect is the amount of personalization that can be applied to the product. Most likely, your competitors are offering standard solutions so similar that they are basically interchangeable. Here is your chance to design something truly unique from scratch.

Try this. Think about a random promotional product you would like to receive as a gift. Here is a list of things that can potentially be modified to your liking:

  • Materials
  • Size and shape
  • Colors
  • Printing techniques
  • Add-ons
  • Special packaging

Customizing several or all of these will truly leave an impression. It can be a very rewarding creative process too – seeing your vision materialized in even the smallest detail.

No more partially executed ideas.

Here at kaubad.ee, we will guide you through the process from start to finish. We are always glad to offer our advice and discuss any innovative approaches.

For example, have you ever thought about the different possibilities for printing your custom design on the product? Yes – there are several to choose from!

When printing on textile, you will sometimes see different options. To illustrate, here are two of them:

  • Transfer digital print. This technique is great for full color logos and photo designs – it gives the most realistic results.
  • Silkscreen or simply screen printing. This technique is a bit more complex than digital printing, as it is performed manually. It is better for larger printing areas. What makes screen printing stand out is the intense and vivid color palettes it produces. Choose this option for a truly unique and well-refined design.

The main takeaway here is that you must find the secret ingredient that makes your customers want to wear your promotional accessories. It is already well established that people do enjoy receiving clothes as corporate gifts. However, it is still useful to take your target demographic into consideration.

Are you looking for clothes (primarily) for men or women? What is their age and profession?

Whichever clothing you choose, there will always be the slight chance that some of them get handed over to a friend or relative – truth be told, that’s not bad at all, as your outreach can be even bigger this way. To be on the safe side, keep in mind that some accessories are universally worn by all genders and age groups, such as baseball caps.

Regarding the custom design, there can be quite a fine balance between uniqueness and excessiveness. Your branded clothes should be striking enough to stand out from those available in stores, but not so glaring that the customer will be embarrassed to wear them. Again, there is no need to worry, we’ve got your back here.

Such questions are specific to the product, naturally. Here is another good example – notebooks.

When ordering branded notebooks for your customers, should you prefer soft cover or hard cover options? In addition to the budget (hard covers tend to be a bit more expensive), it is advised to consider the traveling habits of the recipients.

  • If their job involves a lot of moving around, soft cover notebooks are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • For a more stationary lifestyle, hard cover notebooks will do great on office desks and at home.

Do not gloss over the nifty spiral binding. Spiral notebooks look trendy and have a few advantages worth noting. You can access 100% of the page surface if it is spiral bound. These types of notebooks are also the best to organize with colorful memo papers, as they open easily.

Are you starting to visualize some cool ideas? Eager to try them out?

Let’s get to it then!

Together, we will find an amazing product for your valued customers and give it the personal touch it deserves.

Below, we have selected some product categories that could be exactly what you are looking for. Now is the perfect time to start brainstorming new ideas! Let us know what you think.


You simply cannot miss with branded ball pens. People use them so much that there can never be enough. Make sure to add important information on the barrel, such as your company address or phone number. If you are looking for a more elegant promotional gift, choose a stylish metal pen. For larger quantities, plastic pens are more cost-effective. These are great to hand out to customers at corporate events and conferences. In these anxious times, antibacterial pens are also recommended. They have a special treatment on the body to stop the spread of germs.


We offer all kinds of different formats, including 100% customizable notebooks. Create a completely unique CMYK colored photo print on the cover. Our planners can even be customized on every single page – add your own selection of holidays and reminders! In addition, many notebooks in our selection are completely eco-friendly. You will find beautiful notebooks made of bamboo, cork and recycled craft paper.


Fancy something more sophisticated than a notebook? The best and most stylish multifunctional document folders are ready to go! In addition to the notebook, these smart folders include an integrated power bank and wireless charging capability. What a stunning and inventive gift! Your customers will develop a habit of using it daily, no doubt about it. Depending on your estimated budget, different sizes and designs are available.


Fleece blankets are one of the most beloved promotional items. It is easy to see why – these amazingly soft and snuggly blankets are the ideal thing to wrap around your legs or shoulders in cold weather. They are also great to bring along when camping, as they are so lightweight. Here is your chance to create a special kind of connection with your brand. If the personalized blanket becomes a favorite of your customer, they will also have a warm attitude towards your business – makes sense, right? In our product selection, you will find blankets that are 100% customizable. This means tons of possibilities for a striking photo print!


Backpacks are the most practical way to carry important stuff around. In the education sector, backpacks can be seen everywhere, as they are irreplaceable in schools; people like them at the university level too. The most important thing about a backpack is its quality. We have all had negative experiences with broken locks and torn fabric. This means that a strong construction is of the essence. Our backpacks have been carefully selected to stand the test of time. They are made of high-quality polyester that does not break apart when carrying heavy equipment. For those customers who like to travel, anti-theft backpacks are a great idea. These have safely placed zip locks that help keep thieves away.


Coffee gets the day started; we all agree with that. However, buying those disposable gas station cups every day is tedious and harmful for the environment. Give your customers a nice upgrade with a durable tumbler. Keep in mind the size – your clients may prefer thermal mugs that fit neatly in car cup holders and under the coffee dispenser. Great tumblers are also easy to clean and leakproof, so that there is no risk of spilling the drink. Did you know that double-walled mugs are also ideal for keeping cold drinks chilled? Give it a try on a hot summer day!


Single-use food containers are an environmental disaster. Promotional lunch boxes last for years – this helps your customers practice an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle, may they be at the office or on a trip. In our selection, you will find many options, such as glass, metal, and plastic lunch boxes. PP plastic has the advantage of being safe for both microwaving and dishwashing.


Caps are universal promotional gifts, as they can be worn by both men and women, young and old. They differ in design and shape; some have more panels and a higher build than others. This means that you will find something for every taste! For example, go for an active look with a mesh cap with reflective elements for safer exercising. Then again, a 100% customizable cap will be completely unique. The best seasonal corporate gift!



Printing your company logo on t-shirts is a classic marketing strategy. Branded shirts have a positive psychological effect on your employees, as they make them feel more like a team. You have surely noticed that people wearing branded workwear appear more professional and trustworthy. Personalized t-shirts are also great to hand out at larger venues. Think about the fit and shape of the shirt. Which style suits your corporate image the best? Would you like a more executive-looking standard cut or a fitted sports shirt?


These days, most transactions are made electronically. Card holders are a safe and stylish way to carry around your most important credit cards. RFID protected card holders block radio signals and keep your cards safe from electronic theft. In addition, we offer business card holders with leather details. Add a logo on the cover and make sure your customers make the best impression when handing out their contact info.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping the workplace hygienic is a top priority, especially in the medical and food industries. Did you know that there are many different types of medical gloves? In addition to traditional latex and nitrile gloves, innovative alternatives are now in production, including vitrile and TPE gloves. You can find more information about the differences on our website. We guarantee that we can supply you with the best gloves for your enterprise. There are many sizes to choose from!


Lighting a fire has never been easier! Firestarters are ideal for campfires and fireplaces alike. They are so compact that you can simply put a few in your pocket and you’re set. For outdoorsy customers, we offer larger DIY containers that last the whole season. One last thing – why not try out our log candles? They help create a nice atmosphere at a garden party, for example. Log candles with added citronella oil also repel mosquitoes.