How Poor is Using a Fake Tree at Christmas, Poor?

This mum has an opinion and she’s not afraid to share it. After what she said, there’s a fierce debate as to whether using a fake tree is “tacky.”
After this year, can’t we all just get along? Fake or real, who doesn’t need extra Christmas cheer this year?
The unnamed parent posted saying that at work she had a conversation with her colleagues about trees and whether a fake tree is tacky. Apparently her coworkers were snobby to the idea of having a fake tree.
According to this woman, it got her thinking about whether or not a fake tree was a “status symbol” for the “middle class” and “wealthy”.

Real tree vs fake tree? Is it a status symbol?

“Just putting up our artificial tree and having some thoughts. At work the other day we got to discussing Christmas trees, the old real vs artificial debate. It seemed to me that there was a bit of ‘snobbery’ against those who had artificial trees (maybe that’s just where I work!).”

“There were those who said artificial trees were just TERRIBLE for the environment. Given that most people I know have had their tree for many years (our family one was about 40 years old before it was replaced) is this really true?

“I have never had a real tree, growing up I didn’t know anyone who had a real tree and in our circles, it was usually only the slightly more well off people who ever had real trees. Apologies if this offends anyone, it was just my experience as a child growing up in working-class Scotland.”

She continued: “Some people at work looked horrified at the thought of having a ‘plastic’ tree (mind, they were going off to cut the perfect one down on their ‘estate’).

“So what do you think? Real Vs artificial? I spent a fair bit a few years ago to get a really nice realistic looking artificial tree which I hope will last years. At the time we had cats and I was afraid they would get hurt/never leave the real tree alone so I have stuck with artificial.”

“What does everyone else have? Do you judge people with fake trees?”

Some people said they were working class and they always had a real tree. While others agree that there is an element of snobbery within this thought.

Either way, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!