Easy Steps to Promote Music on SoundCloud

SoundCloud indeed is one of the biggest music platforms in the world. The platform has an estimated 175 million monthly users making it far bigger than Spotify, which has 140 million monthly users. The platform provides free access to world-class music and allows users to upload their music online. Many artists have topped the Billboard charts, and some who are still topping started by uploading their music on SC.

SoundCloud is known for raising infamous singers into fame. There is, therefore, every need to ensure you are promoting your music on this platform.  With over 20 million music creators on the platform, it has become as competitive as other social networks such as YouTube. You need to produce some high quality and difference to stand out and buy SoundCloud followers for cheap.

You can’t just upload your music and sit, expecting it to go viral, and there are actions and strategies you need to put in place to achieve this. This article contains four tips to help you promote your music on SC.


After creating your promotional content for influencers and fans, it is time to take your game to the social network. SoundCloud offers a mutual environment for other social media sites. You can easily link your SC to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube. This makes it so easy to share your works to other networks hence promoting your SoundCloud page.

This doesn’t mean you have to be on all the social networks, and it also doesn’t mean you should pick Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter because they are big shots; you need to choose a platform where you can find your potential fans.







Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When sharing your content, you need to ensure you target the right audience. Knowing your demographics will help you to know where potential listeners and their habit, this will direct you in your posting.

With today’s social tools, you will not only know who your potential fans are, but also know their activities and their present location. Find tastemakers such as DJs and know who their fans are. You can easily know if a tastemaker will have your potential fanbase with their kind of mix.


After creating an amazing song and sharing it on other social networks, it is time to let the real players do their thing. You need big numbers to help you move to fame, and doing this on your own can cost you years of hard work, and it is a 50/50.

A great artist can get lost among the 20 million stardom contenders. Your fans are the ones who can help you stand out; when people see your tracks, the first thing they check is the play counts, reposts, and comments. If your track fails to acquire a good number of play counts, users automatically pass judgment that the track is boring. The easiest way to get this fanbase is to use marketing companies.

You can buy small plans from these companies to drive traffic to your page and increase your track playtime.  Give your page a social boost to improve your SoundCloud presence.









Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

An indisputable part of your branding and promotion is to ensure your audience can easily find you and your music on multiple platforms. People may find it difficult to find you when you don’t give them info on your songs. SEO is also important in SoundCloud, and it will help you to stay above your competitors.

Try to make it clear in your title and tags. Don’t give a title such as “Dj mustard trap remix by angryman”. Rather name it “DJ Mustard – 100 Bands (Trap Remix) – By AngryMan”. It should be easy to read and easy to find; you may get lucky by getting ranked on Google for “DJ Mustard Trap Remix”.


Good music brings clarity, balance, and satisfaction to mind. This is an important foundation when promoting your music on SoundCloud.

Today, anyone can be a musician due to the ease of uploading your songs online. This has made it difficult to become popular unless your music is well mixed and mastered.

If your music has a low quality, you may miss your chances of getting more fans as those using platform will be forced to press the next button in search of better music.

Each time a SoundCloud user finds your music and press the play button, they should be welcomed with good beats and voicing; these two are the first impression; remember that first impression matters. Once they fall in love with the rhymes and beats of your song, they will recommend and share it with friends on social media.


Image by Rahul Yadav from Pixabay 

Art can be a form of self-expression. Music is similar to art; it aims to visually express the type of music you produce. Platform supports users to link an artwork to their uploading music.

Images are a perfect way of expressing things. Once people share your music on their social media, your cover art will be the first thing new users will see, and good art can be persuasive. When your music is fixed on a well-known music blog, there are high chances that your cover art will appear on that music blog.

Anywhere your music is shared on social media, your cover art will always be attached to it. And if they are interested in what they see, they will click and listen to your music.


Although the ultimate goal is to promote your music and reach the height of fame on SoundCloud, you also need to be self-less. You can repost other music from other artists, like and comment on other musicians’ music.

When you promote other artists, their fans may take note of you and reciprocate the same action, and it’s a very simple method to gain more fans. Other musicians may also take note of your kind gesture and collaborate with you on future projects.


Networking should not be underestimated when promoting your SoundCloud. Leave feedback on other artist pages, they should include constructive criticism. Follow other artists who make similar music and follow back active accounts that have good music.

When you have a good network, it becomes so easy to promote your music on SoundCloud. This is because you have the right people around to give your music the added push.


When you’ve finished promoting your music on social platforms and also with the help of a marketing company, your next step is to reach out to the guys with the big guns.

Almost all artists who have risen to fame on SoundCloud will agree that they didn’t get it done by all by themselves. Their fans gave a great push, but a milestone breakthrough was gained when a tastemaker picked them. A tastemaker is a person who can influence, such as a radio DJ, a blogger, a curator on Reddit, a YouTuber, or an A&R. Tastemakers can influence your career and bring fame to you in no time.

Tastemakers are sourced for; you can’t just sit and expect them to find you. You have to do your research, discover their kind of music, know their kind of audience, and if they look appealing to you, you can send them your logo. If you get lucky and your name is picked, they will head to your SoundCloud to check you out. If they give you a shout out, your fan base will increase.


The traditional method of reaching your target audience is to visit the area such people reside and look around. But today, the online market is more complicated, and your audience can be a million miles away from you; hence it becomes almost impossible to reach there physically. This is why analytics and data are important.

In other to gain more listeners on SoundCloud, you need to be sure you are uploading your music to the right audiences. The best way to know your right audience is to observe data and analytics, which shows you your listeners’ behavioral patterns and reactions. It shows if they are receptive to your uploads or they find it abstract from their music genre.

Unfortunately, SC placed an upload restriction on free accounts, denying artists access to data. The goodness is you can upgrade to SoundCloud pro to get unlimited access to data. The subscription fee is a low one ($7 or $15), and you will be able to gather listener data, which gives you an edge when promoting your songs.

If you find SoundCloud pro expensive for you, you can use other analytic tools such as YouTube and Google analytics. These channels give you free access to data about your YouTube and your website data. Although YouTube will only give you data about your channel, you can extract data such as the playtime you get from your audiences and other music they listen to. This data will set you on track when promoting your music on different platforms.