Drunken Woman Taken Off a Plane in Underwear and T-shirt

  • 2020 just keeps on coming.

If you’ve flown before, you know that people watching is one of the best parts. The people on this plane sure got a show when it comes to that and all thanks to a drunken women.

A woman, 25, was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. After allegedly starting a drunken altercation. She was aboard a United Express plane at the time.

The flight was from Jacksonville to Houston. The woman stripped down to her underwear a t-shirt during the incident.

Sierra Nicole McClinton is from University City, Texas. She was arrested by the Mobile Alabama Airport Authority Police Department after flight UA4332 was forced to divert off its intended flight plan path to the airport on November 5th.

Commutair was the company operating the flight and a spokesperson for the airline confirmed that the flight had indeed been diverted due to a “disruptive passenger.” The flight did continue on its way to Houston once McClinton was taken off the plane by police.

Flight UA4332 arrived about an hour and a half later after its unscheduled stop. Apparently, McClinton was flighting with another passenger before a flight attendant stepped in to calm the situation.

According to police, McClinton appeared intoxicated. After unsuccessfully calming her, the flight attendant and another passenger restrained McClinton until the flight could be diverted to Mobile.

Regional flights such as this CommutAir flight typically have only one flight attendant on board. By the time the flight landed in Mobile, McClinton had undressed as far as her underwear and a t-shirt.

She swore and yelled all the while she was being removed from the plane. It’s not clear what started the confrontation or why McClinton wasn’t wearing pants upon arrival.

“CommutAir flight 4332, operating as United Express from Jacksonville to Houston, diverted to Mobile when a passenger became disruptive,” a CommutAir spokesperson confirmed. “The aircraft landed safely in Mobile where law enforcement officials met the aircraft at the gate. The flight continued on to Houston shortly after.”