This Artist Covers Objects With Massive Doilies In An Effort To ‘Keep Up Appearances’

  • Artist Ashley V Blalock crochets enormous red doilies around the US

California-based artist Ashley V Blalock is making grandmoms everyone proud — and probably slightly jealous. Her ongoing project, “Keeping Up Appearances”, aims to make stairwells, trees and everything in between a home for her massive red doilies.

Here’s the idea behind “Keeping Up Appearances”:

“Although non-threatening in a domestic setting, in the gallery and at this scale the [doilies] overtake the viewer and cover the walls… Inherent is a compulsion to arrange and place and decorate in order to control or influence a perceived outward appearance. The red color gives away the futility of such an act and hints at the unease that lurks below the surface of an obsessive need to control and arrange.”

Here are just some of her installations…

See more of Blalock’s work on her website.