Do You Know These 30 Things About South Carolina?

On the Atlantic coast with overall temperate weather and a state of the same name to it’s north, South Carolina is a beautiful and interesting state. What will be your favorite South Carolina fact from this list?

  1. South Carolina is nicknamed the Palmetto State.
  2. This state was named in honor of Charles I of England.
  3. The official state amphibian is the salamander.
  4. The highest point in South Carolina is the Sassafras Mountain, at 3560 feet at its summit. 
  5. The Upper Whitewater Falls is the highest cascade falling almost 411 feet and is the highest cascade in eastern America. 
  6. The oldest landscaped gardens in the United States are in Middleton Place, near Charleston. 
  7. The largest collection in the world of outdoor sculptures is in Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet.
  8. The first public college, first museum, and first playhouse in the United States are located in Charleston.
  9. Popular movies filmed in South Carolina were “Full Metal Jacket,” “Sleeping with the Enemy,” “The Notebook,” and “Swamp Thing.”
  10. There’s a swamp in South Carolina called Hell Hole Swamp.
  11. This Carolina was once known as the Iodine State and the license plates said that until the 1930s. South Carolina Natural Resources Commission publicized the to bring awareness to the public about the high levels of Iodine in the fruits and vegetables. 
  12. South Carolina owns and runs its own school bus fleet, the only state in the nation to do so. 
  13. Myrtle Beach is the golf capital of the world and has more than 300 public and private golf courses.
  14. The largest Gingko farm in the world is in Sumter, South Carolina.
  15. It’s illegal to buy or sell an electric eel in South Carolina. 
  16. The state population is 5 million, 5.084 million as of 2018 to be specific.
  17. The largest city in the state is Charleston.
  18. The first airport to open in South Carolina was the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport in 1927.
  19. The smallest town in the state is a patch of land less than one square mile. As of the 2010 Census Summary, the population is just about 45 people.
  20. Lake City tobacco market was established in 1898. It has grown to be one of the two largest markets in South Carolina today.
  21. Charleston is nicknamed “the Holy City” because there are more than 400 places of worship representing several denominations across the city. 
  22. Andrew Jackson, Vanna White, Chris Rock, Mary-Louise Parker, Darius Rucker, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Jesse Jackson, are all famous people that were born in this state.
  23. Johnston is known as the Peach Capital of the World.
  24.  Summerville’s motto is “The Flower Town in the Pines.” It’s so beautiful that tourists have been coming to see the blossoms since the 1900’s, especially the azalea’s.
  25. Riverbanks Zoological Park in Columbia is home to more than 200 animals. The recreated natural habitat had no cages or bars. 
  26. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church is the tallest structure in the city of Charleston at 297 feet. Up until a point, it was also the tallest structure in the state.
  27. South Carolina’s state dance is the Shag.
  28. The first battle of the Civil War took place in Fort Sumter.
  29. The only remaining covered bridge in South Carolina is the Cambell’s Covered Bridge.
  30. The state motto is “Dum spiro, spero,” which translates to “While I breathe, I hope. The seal also reads “Animis opibusque parati,” meaning“Prepared in mind and resources.”

If you love golf, this is your state. But no matter what, you must visit. Especially for the Gingko trees.

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