“Dine and Dash Dater” Is No More

  • And for good reason.

If you’re known as the “Dine and Dash Dater,” it probably hasn’t helped your dating life any. At least that was the case for this guy.

Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, 45, pleasded no contest when he was charged with three counts of defrauding an innkeeper by non-payment and one count of petty theft in November. The Superior Court Judge gave Gonzales jail time and three years of probation.

Gonzales was ordered to pay $240 in restitution to his two victims and to stay at least 100 yards away from the five restaurants. He was also barred from several dating sites including PlentyofFish and Bumble. He was told that he is subject to search and seizure conditions involving electronic devices and accounts. This serial dater is finished.

Gonzales spent just under a month in jail after his August 25th arrest by Pasadena police. He received credit for the time he did.

At the time of his plea, he also admitted to violating his probation in 2017 regarding Macy’s and was ordered to do 45 days of community labor for that as well.

Gonzales had been out on bond following the decision to dismiss the most serious counts that had been filled again him including eight felony counts of extortion and two felony counts of attempted extortion, not just that he was a serial dater, who left the check unpaid.

At the September 19th hearing when the felony counts were dismissed, Judge Mavis did not dispute the fact that the women Gonzales abandoned were victims. “But victims of what crime? … That’s really the issue,” the judge said.

Others agreed that the extortion-related charges were “rather exaggerated.” He said the real victim of a person walking out on a check was the restaurant, not them women.

Another DA said that Gonzales  “wanted a free meal” and shifted the burden of paying for the meal to the women, whom he said “didn’t want to be accused of being an accomplice to the defendant’s crime.”

During the first hearing, seven women admitted that the were “embarrassed” and believed they had no choice but to pay the bill when they realized the man they had met for a first date had left the restaurant without paying any portion of the check. He would sometimes say that he was training for a bodybuilding competition and would order two meals.

Two of the instances, the restaurant picked up the tab. Those businesses were listed in the criminal complaint.

He met these women through online dating and took them to restaurants in and near Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Glendale, and Long Beach. He was arrested when Detective Victor Cass recognized Gonzales walking in the Old Town area.

According to him, he used to have a really high-paying sales job, but had no money, and was basically broke. He talked about his physical ailments and said that they only way he ever felt better was if he ate really good food.

“He stated that he could not afford to eat in the manner that he was used to eating,” Cass testified.

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