Crazy Glitch-in-the-Matrix Stories

If you’re not into existential crises for fun, you may not be aware of the pop-culture-fun-fact that odds are 50-50 we exist inside a simulation. You know, like the movie, The Matrix. It’s not a fringe belief, like the flat earth, but a hypothesis that combines advanced philosophical thinking with a desire to freak people out. 

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The consequence is people occasionally discovering “glitches” or programming errors in the simulation, providing evidence to support the hypothesis because all technology is faulty, sometimes. Here are some of the craziest glitch-in-the-matrix stories out there. 

Man dies, then wakes up and avoids death.


This story is a bit like Soul, but without Tina Fey as an unborn spirit. A guy answers a call from his neighbor to help him move a mattress in his house. He goes over, helps move a bed and mattress, and the neighbor asks for help with an armoire too. 

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The neighbor is at the top of the stairs with the armoire when he loses his grip. It falls onto the guy, who feels himself land at the bottom of the stairs, the armoire land on top of him, and then…

…he’s woken up by a phone call from his neighbor asking him to help move a mattress. He moves the bed but says he can’t help with the armoire the second time. 

Demons among us. 


This Reddit poster saw her dog walk by in her peripheral while sitting on her couch and heard it lie down on its bed behind the sectional. After a few minutes, the dog started snoring softly. After a few more minutes, it started making an awful snore/cough/wheezing sound like it was having trouble breathing. 

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The Redditor got up to make sure the dog was okay. As soon as she looked towards the bed, the sound stopped, and there was nothing there. Her dog was still in the backyard with her parents and had been for the past half hour. 

So what did she see cross the room and hear snoring?

Temporary non-existence. 


This Redditor still remembers a disturbing afternoon when they were 16 when they just disappeared for 6 hours. The first weekend of summer break, they woke up at 11 am (as you do) and headed into the basement to watch TV for a few hours before meeting up with a friend at 3 pm to hang out. They watched television for 30 minutes when their mom came into the basement demanding to know where they’d been all afternoon.

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Totally baffled, the Redditor replies that they just woke up but discovers that it’s 5 pm. They go upstairs, and sure enough, there are missing calls from their friends and their mom on their phone. Their mom swears she didn’t see them wake up at 11 am and searched the entire house for them several times throughout the day.