Crazy Easy Ways to Eat Summer Food “Healthily”: Part Two

If you haven’t read Crazy Easy Ways to Eat Summer Food “Healthily”: Part One, click on the title and you can read that first. Here are another five ways to eat well this summer.


Not sugar free but less of it, hence, sugar-less. Kick up your water with fruits like lemon, strawberry, watermelon, or even savory herbs like basil or tarragon. For alcohol, pick liquors over ice or low-calorie seltzers. 

And Speaking of Less Sugar

There is literally nothing more sweet or delicious then the fruits of summer. Yes, fruits like apples and pears are amazing, too, but those will come in the Fall. For summer sweets you don’t even have to do anything but maybe it throw onto the grill for a warm and yummy treat. Choose pineapple, peaches, and plums or plums for that. Enjoy sweet and natural sugars from watermelon and citruses. And don’t forget about the berries! Sliced strawberries and bananas with blueberries and raspberries, are amazing thrown together as a fruit salad, and all you have to do is add a splash of orange juice and gently toss the fruit together. 

Pick “Healthier” Condiments

You know, ones that are already healthy. Toppings like pickles and olives can be good, (assuming you don’t eat too much salt on the regular.) And pile on all the vegetables you like whether it’s lettuce, tomato, onion, or even avocado. Mustard is also low in calories and most prepared mustard has turmeric, which is a healthy and beneficial spice especially for its anti inflammatory properties. 

Baked Beans

BBQ and baked beans go together like bread and butter, but most store beans are filled with preservatives and especially, sugar. Yup. Maybe this article should have been called how to stay away from excess sugar this summer. Anyhow, making your own beans allows you to add in only the ingredients that you want to, so you can control how much is being used. Or make bean salad, which focuses mostly on the beans and sometimes has a light sauce as well as other vegetables.

Eat Before You Go

But there will be food there, and isn’t that the point? To go to a place that serves food and eat it? Yes, but if you go ravenous, it will be hard to keep all, much less any, of these things in mind. Before you go, drink several large cups of cold water. And eat something, whether it’s an apple, a fruit and nut bar, or a handful of nuts. Eating a small snack and drinking a bunch of water will literally help fill you up a bit, so that you can enjoy the food at the party, but enjoy the company more.

These crazy easy ways to eat a more healthified diet in the summer really do work, so try them out and enjoy the summer while it lasts! Err, until we are quarantined again?