Christmas in July? Nope, Santa Convention.

  • Well, technically, World Santa Claus Congress. And technically, Christmas in July, too.

It’s Christmas in July, and you know what that means? Yup. It’s time for Santa Convention.

Santas from around the world went to Copenhagen for the 61st World Santa Claus Congress. There were santas there from as far away as Japan and the US. There were also pixies and elves that joined the party. And a party it was.

There was a heat wave, too, but that didn’t stop the santas donning their heavy coats and warm santa hats. And then, to the amusement of the bathers, the santas took a paddle to the sea. Silly santa.

This annual congress lasts for four days. They visit the Little Mermaid statue during the parade and even go head to head  in a Santa Obstacle Course World Championships.

But take it from Ian Tom, it’s not always a joyous party and event for the santas. “Normally us Santas work alone.” This is his sixth year attending. “This is like a big family. But a family you get on with.”

There are other long time veterans that attend like Santa Douglas from Washington DC. He has attended for 12 years now and it keeps him coming back.

For him, it’s the international feel of the event that lures him to attend again and again. “It’s interesting how when meeting others their culture starts to rub off on you and yours on them. For example, a lot of the Santa suits now are not the traditional gray Danish one. They’ve gone more American, which in a way is a shame.”

But all in all, the santas, pixies, and elves loved their time together. They enjoyed boat rides, parades, guided tours of Bakken, and a “Santa pentathlon.”

Go santas, it’s like your birthday. (You know, like from the song? HA)  At least now they can rest up for their jobs, bringing our presents in six months!


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