Bugs Are Taking Over Our Lives, and Here’s The Proof

  • They are everywhere, and I'm not just talking about outside.

These two stories will prove to you that bugs are taking over our lives in 2019. First, ladybugs filled the sky for 80 miles. Yes, 80. Then, your grapes may have black widow spiders in them, so you better check them before you eat.

It was the meteorologists who noticed something was off that Tuesday. The radar showed unusual activity, an 80 mile by 80 mile bloom.

This bloom was high above the ground, about 5,000 to 9,000 feet in the air. And it was all ladybugs.

California houses many types of ladybugs, about 200 different species. Finding the offender of the skies was a challenge.

Lady Beetles were found to be the species responsible for the massive ladybug swarm. Lady Beetles are just like your average ladybug.

They are longer than some ladybugs and have reddish, orange-ish forewings with up to 13 spots. However, not all of them have spots.

Ladybugs often migrate in enormous swarms, but this one may have made a record high.

And for the grapes..

When you buy things from the store, you expect them to be­­­ safe. But they aren’t always safe, and sometimes, they even have black widow spiders in it.

This is what happened to a woman in Omaha, Nebraska. She was surprised to find the spiders in her grapes, surprised and terrified. No one wants these bugs in their food.

She’d bought the grapes from a local Hy-Vee grocery store. When she began to snack on the fruit, she saw a male and a female black widow spider in her bag.

She saw one of the spiders as she began to reach into the bag. She dropped the bag on the ground and “considered burning her house down.”

Statistics say that about 700-800 people find spiders in their grapes every year.

If these two stories don’t remind us that bugs are all around us, I don’t know what will. You may not be a grape fan anymore but I bet you still think ladybugs are pretty ok.

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