Argentinian Man Regrets Tattoo – Removes It Himself – And Regrets That Too

  • His tattoo removal method wasn't that..... grate.
Image by <a href="">Waldrebell</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
Image by Waldrebell from Pixabay


A new and not so advanced way of removing tattoos was introduced. Cheese Grater Tattoo Remover!

“No Laser, We Use The Cheese Grater!”

An Argentinian man was desperate to have tattoo removed after only a week of having it done. The 21-year-old man, who preferred to remain anonymous, opted one of the most painful tattoo removal methods two years ago, but they only just went viral. He was more than happy to explain why too…

Why On Earth?

“I had the tattoo done and a week later I wanted to join the airport police. Although among the requirements on the website it is not mentioned, I was told that I could not work there with visible tattoos,” the man told

“This happened in August 2017, I was 19 years old at the time. The other reason I did that to myself was aesthetic. I am very keen on details and I did not really like how the tattoo was left. I searched on YouTube for ways to remove it. Firstly I tried with a pumice stone, but it did not work. Then I continued with the grater.”
“It hurt and bled a lot. I had to bandage it a lot and apply disinfectant,” the man added, saying “In that moment, I regretted it, of course I did. But when I saw it had gone a lot, I did not worry more. But I would not recommend it to anybody.”

Tattoo Artists Give A Word Of Advice

The pictures of been commented on by tattoo artists. The general consensus is that you’d be much better off using the “tried and true” laser removal. While it isn’t entirely painless either, at least it won’t leave a scar. “It is possible to have a mark on your whole life. Doing it like this is worse because it gets stuck to the skin,” tattoo shop owner Diego Staropoli said.

You can see the pictures on Reddit, where they were shared into the r/insanepeoplefacebook page.