A Brief History of Men’s Pinky Rings

In modern days, men’s pinky rings either have the connotation of being associated with a rich man who wants to show off his wealth and prestig,e or a professional ring is given for graduating from certain institutions. Pinky rings have a long history of cultural significance, and as men’s jewelry is coming back into vogue with full force, pinky rings have become more popular as well. The reasons why men choose to wear pinky rings may vary from person to person.

In 18th-century England, many men would wear a ring exclusively on their pinky finger, regardless of the type of ring they were wearing. Then, it became more of a practical fashion statement to wear rings with significance, such as a signet ring with initials engraved in them in order to seal correspondences, a powerful way to represent your own personal brand before the time of Instagram. At the turn of the 20th century, the traditional and practical aspects of fashion no longer carried as much weight, so men were wearing pinky rings more for the purpose of aesthetics alone. Men across Europe would wear pinky rings to show off their style out at jazz clubs or restaurants, and there is often a tradition of wearing the pink rings exclusively on the left hand.

In North America, pinky rings are famously worn as professional signifiers or for the purpose of other types of affiliations. In the case of engineering, graduates from engineering programs are given pinky rings to wear as a reminder of the significance of their career choice. Other types of affiliations also encouraged wearing pinky rings. The American mafia is well known for wearing pinky rings, supposedly to provide an asset for their associates upon their death which mob movies like The Godfather play upon in their dramatization of this infamous crime organization.

Even in more modern times, members of the British royal family have worn pinky rings as a fashion statement. Prince Charles wore his signet ring stacked on his wedding band. Rappers and R&B artists would wear stacked rings on both hands including pinky rings. Today, modern iterations of pinky rings reveal a never-ending variety of options. A classic signet ring is still an option that can be engraved with your own initials to make a powerful statement while looking sophisticated. Popular fashion websites sell minimal pinky rings if you want to try a smaller, less expensive option before buying a nicer piece. You can find pinky rings with gemstones, diamonds, and a variety of engravings to suit any sort of statement you want to make. Ruby stones are a classic option, or branch out and look for unique pieces like a vintage Playboy pinky ring or an image of a rose.

Pinky rings have a long history of being fashion pieces for men of all ages, and there are many options out there for men to explore this iconic style with a variety of designs, metals, and sizes.