9 of the Strangest Jobs You Never Imagined

Choosing a career for life can be stressful, and while you may be considering a more ‘normal’ job with CEU requirements, did you know there are unusual jobs out there you may never have heard of? Perhaps some of them are right for you!

Professional Queuer

Who loves standing in lines? Anyone? Whether it is waiting in line at the grocery store, Starbucks, or the Apple store, standing in long lines stinks. Of course, people have found a way to make money on people’s dislike of lines. If you don’t mind standing in line and making cash while you do it, this might be a good side gig for you. 

Bed Warmer

Getting into a bed with cold sheets in the winter – yikes! People in England hundreds of years ago disliked it as well, especially as they didn’t have central heating like we do today. In those days, servants were sent to their master’s beds to make them warm before they hit the hay. 

The idea has caught fire in recent years; Holiday Inn announced a few years ago it would offer five-minute bed warming sessions to its hotel guests. 

Professional Bridesmaid

No one wants their wedding to be short of guests, but what if you don’t have enough friends to be your bridesmaids? Some entrepreneurial women in New York City make a good living being professional bridesmaids. You also can earn extra money by coordinating the wedding. 

Deer Urine Farmer

You might not give much thought to deer urine, like most of us. However, some people collect deer urine and sell it to hunters to earn a living. Buyers purchase the urine, which is sold as deer hunting scent. It helps to attract deer so hunters can get their catch for the day. 

Professional Snuggler

If you enjoy snuggling and want to feel an emotional connection with another person, you can call on a professional cuddler to snuggle with you. While it does sound rather odd, a professional snuggler can help clients raise their self-esteem. They can also help them get through a challenging time in their lives, such as the loss of a spouse. 

Sewer Flusher

Flushing a sewer doesn’t sound like the world’s most glamorous job. But it’s a job that has to be done. These professionals are responsible for clearing blockages in sewer lines. Most of the problems are due to people flushing cooking oils and fats down the drain. That’s not a nice thing to do, but it does give these folks a job that pays well. 

Netflix Viewer

Can you imagine being paid well to watch TV all day? Sometimes Netflix hires employees to watch all of its content before it is served up to the public. Their job is to review each program and give each one the appropriate tag. This process helps viewers to find the shows and films we are after. 

Odor Judge

Personal hygiene products must be tested for effectiveness. That’s why odor judges are brought in to smell people’s feet, armpits, and breath. To ensure their judgment of the odor is accurate, odor judges need to have their sense of smell checked each month. 

Professional Sleeper

Some hotels have been known to hire professional sleepers to test how comfy their beds are. The employee sleeps in a different hotel bed every night and composes a review about how comfortable it is. 

So, if you’re bored with your regular job, you now know some unusual jobs that you can give a try!