9 Best Google Search Easter Eggs

How are your Zoom meetings going? Are they all for things that could have been an email? Do people keep derailing to talk about how much they miss going out to eat? It’s hard to stay focused when you’ve been staring at the same grid of coworkers for the past seven months. So keep reading if you’ve sworn off online shopping for the time being, and you’ve already maxed out the high score on the T-rex game. We’ve got more ways to waste your time without using your brain. 

Google may be a monolith slowly taking over the world one internet search at a time, but they’re at least doing it with a puckish sense of humor. Some internet searches reveal hidden Easter Eggs. Here are some of the best.

9 Best Google Search Easter Eggs

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Do a Barrel Roll

We confide in Google with our most embarrassing, most private questions. Our search histories are sacred, known only to our assigned FBI agent. So it’s fun when it feels like Google is more like a sentient, playful friend than a world-dominating algorithm. 


It’s about what you’d expect and also a great way to explain the word’s meaning.

Zerg rush

This one dropped back in 2012. It’s still active, but a little more specialized to access. Zerg are the villains from the StarCraft video game series. They’re weak individually but swarm together to overpower heroes. Go to the Google main page, type in Zerg rush and hit “I’m feeling lucky” instead of search. Good luck.

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This one takes a moment and is probably hilarious to a specific subset of mathematics nerds.

Answer to Life The Universe and Everything
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First, you need to read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which isn’t so much homework as a balm to the horror scape the world became in 2020. I’d completely forgotten it was a movie with Martin Freeman, so you could always watch that if you’re averse to reading.

Blink HTML

Another example of Google doing show not tell. Just Google the phrase and give yourself a second to notice it. 

Atari Breakout

Go to the Google homepage and hit “I’m feeling lucky” if I’m on a Zoom call, there’s a 110% chance this is going on too. 

Google in 1998
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If you’re feeling nostalgic, take a trip in the way back machine by searching this phrase.

Text Adventure

If you need to look busy to onlookers, this is your secret weapon. You must use the Chrome browser for it to work. Type “text adventure” and hit search. Then go to the three dots in the upper right corner. Scroll down to More Tools. Select Developer Tools. Choose the Console tab along the top. You’ll see the text, “would you like to play a game?” Just answer, Yes, and away you go!