8 Innovative (and Weird) Accessories to Improve Your Shower Experience

  • Shower like you’ve never showered before with these fun products.

Who doesn’t like a nice, refreshing shower in the morning or after a workout? Everybody does, and that’s the issue — there’s nothing unique about your regular, boring shower session.

And that just won’t do. Every shower you take should, nay, MUST be as unique as you are.

Or maybe not. But if you’d like to add a bit of personal touch to your shower — or wow some overnight guests — here’s a list of products you might want to consider investing in.

Yes, this article was born out of a shower thought.

Colored LED Shower Head

Photo by Amazon.

Add a splash of color to your shower with this LED shower head. It can produce eight different colors and requires no battery — the shower head is powered by the water pressure. Don’t ask us how that works.

You don’t need tools to install the shower head as it simply screws into the water connection. The chrome finish blends in with your other bathroom appliances, so at a first glance no one would expect to soon be bathing in rainbows.

The LEDs are pretty bright, but for the ultimate color show you’ll want to dim your bathroom lights.

Shower Wine Holder

Photo by Uncommon Goods.

Everyone loves a good glass of shower wine. What, they don’t? It’s just us?

Well, in any case, if you do like a glass of red, white, or bubbly while showering, the Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder is for you. The tasteful ash wood and beach stone wine glass holder suctions securely onto the bathroom wall and holds your wine glass while your clean yourself.

It doesn’t come with a cover for the glass, though, so don’t place it directly under the shower head. Wine diluted with soap and bathwater isn’t the most pleasant beverage.

Showerpus Caddy

Photo by Amazon.

Now here’s a hands-free shower appliance that might actually have some practical use. The cute Formverkert Octopus shower caddy hangs from the shower head (or any other hook) and holds your shampoo and body wash for you.

Its nine adjustable tentacles can grip anything from bottles to brushes, razors, or bath toys. When your shampoo starts running out, simply hang the bottle upside down to get the most out what remains.

The Showerpus is of minimal Scandinavian design and comes in four colors. It’s a perfect addition to any kids’ bathroom — or for a sea life-loving adult.

Hand Soap

Photo by imaginaryanimal on Etsy.

Take “hand soap” to its logical extreme with this literal Hand Soap. At the same time, you can entertain yourself by answering the endless questions about why you have severed baby hands in your bathroom.

The Hand Soap is exactly what it promises — soap in the shape of a dismembered baby hand. The natural vegetable glycerin-based soap has a light oatmeal, milk, and honey scent.

You can pick from four different colors, but unfortunately you can’t choose whether you get a left or right hand. Just in case that matters to you.

Bloody Bath Mat

Photo by Amazon.

No, we’re not recommending anyone to literally bathe in blood. But if you still want to shock guests with a gory shower experience, you can get the color-changing Bloody Bath Mat.

This thin bath mat looks like any regular, white bathroom floor covering when it’s dry. But once it gets wet, it transforms into a blood-red horror show.

You know, this would go great with the Hand Soap. A thoroughly recommended combination for anyone who wants to make absolutely sure that no one else will ever use your shower again.

Shotgun Shell Shower Curtain Hooks

Photo by Amazon.

Here’s an accessory for those of you for whom hunting is a lifestyle. Or those that just really like guns.

The shotgun shell shower curtain hooks do look like the real thing — at least from a distance. You get three shells in four different colors (read, blue, green, an ochre) in one package.

These things will go great with some dark wood surfaces and a pair of deer antlers. A perfect accessory for that true hunting lodge look.

Shower Dry Erase Board

Photo by Amazon.

You get the best (or most bizarre) ideas in the shower. When that ingenious shower thought hits you, write it down on the Shower Idea Whiteboard.

The whiteboard comes with a completely waterproof wax pen to make sure your ideas don’t get washed down the drain. The package also includes an eraser that wipes the board clean better the more soap it absorbs.

The board attaches to the shower wall with a sturdy suction cup. Do your best mathematical or scientific thinking in the shower — or just write down whatever nonsense pops into your mind.

Bathroom Wiper Mirror

Photo by Weird S*** You Can Buy.

You take a hot shower, get out, and prepare to put on your makeup or shave your stubble. But then you realize your bathroom mirror is completely fogged up.

With the Wiper Mirror, you won’t have to wait for your bathroom fan to do its job. This windshield wiper cleans your mirror with one quick swish.

It’s an ideal bathroom accessory for both gearheads and utilitarian-minded people alike. We doubt anyone else would want a windshield wiper on their mirror, but hey — maybe we’re wrong.