7 Weird Products You Definitely Need

We’re officially living in the future, and gizmos are getting more advanced and weirder every year. If you don’t feel you’re living your best 21st century life than it’s time to up your gadget game. These seven products are meeting needs that you didn’t even know you had and their price tags prove they’re using innovative technology. If the post-holiday blues are getting you down, then treat yourself to one of these weird devices and enjoy living in the age of technology. 

Kitoki. If your New Year’s resolution is to quit vaping, this bizarre device might be the key to achieving your goals. It has the same features as a vape pen: a mouthpiece & an LED light. But they’re housed in an organically shaped wood cylinder, with buttons for placing your fingers. Instead of weed or nicotine (most vape juice contains nicotine), it puts fresh air into your lungs, and the LED illuminates when you take a deep enough breath.  

Foldable Phones. UK readers can already get a foldable phone from Samsung, but other smartphone manufacturers promise to get in on the idea in 2020. Look for a return of the Razr and the launching of the Chinese brand Huawei in the Western hemisphere. I’ll allow the Razr’s return, but there will be push-back if low-waisted jeans try to become a thing again. 

Dreem. This headband tracks and records brain waves, heart and respiratory rate, and sleep patterns in real time. Those who struggle with insomnia can examine their self-collected data to improve the quality and amount of sleep they get each night. The app lets you call a sleep expert for tips and advice, which might be the real benefit of the headband which looks slightly less obtrusive than a sleep apnea mask. 

Lovot. If you want to become a caregiver but you keep turning succulent plants into compost, then maybe consider this starter-pet. The Lovot is wide-eyed adorable and demands love and attention, but the consequences for forgetting about it aren’t as dire. It rolls around on wheels, with a camera attached to its head, and asks to be held by flapping its wings. The initial cost is nearly $3,000, with an ongoing $80 monthly fee for running the software in the robot, so it’s as expensive as  a puppy. 

WAAN. From the company Solaari, this product is essential for Star Wars fans. It’s a fully customizable lightsaber that comes with an app for adjusting the color & sound of the light blade. The app also tracks the lightsaber’s “statistics” for combat, which is the only way to know if you’re a decent Jedi. The saber doesn’t actually work as a weapon, it’s basically a fancy flashlight. A flashlight for the future!

Y-Brush. If 2020 is your year for efficiency and productivity, this toothbrush is the way to start each morning. Allegedly, it can clean your entire mouth in just 10 seconds. Instead of a typical brush, with a head and bristles, it’s a dental office mouthpiece lined with bristles. Just apply toothpaste, chew on it for 5 seconds while it vibrates & then flip it over to clean the other half of your mouth. 

Phone Sanitizers. The world is a filthy place, and your phone collects all the filth from all over and deposits it back on your hand every time you pick it up. According to the Seattle Times, there’s over 25K bacteria in every square inch of your phone’s surface. So, 2020 is probably the year to make daily phone sanitizing a thing. These products use germicidal UV bulbs to kill bacteria on your phone’s surface.