6 Weird Things Found with X-ray

Medical imaging technology gets more advanced every year, and doctors can see and diagnose illnesses earlier than ever before. But sometimes it just takes old school tech to discover the answer to strange symptoms and circumstances in both humans and animals. These are six items that must have shocked the x-ray technicians who developed the film. 

Photo by Umanoide on Unsplash

Nail. Okay, so a nail is a commonplace object, but where this one ended up is remarkable. Patrick Lawler, a construction worker, suffered a toothache, blurred vision and swelling for almost a week before heading to the hospital for relief. Turns out he’d accidentally shot himself in the face with a 4-inch nail without realizing it. After surgery, Lawler made a complete recovery. (x)


A boy. Desperate for his son to get into Spain, a man paid a 19-year-old woman to carry a suitcase containing his 8-year-old boy across the border. Officials took notice of the woman when she seemed reluctant to send the suitcase through the x-ray machine. They were expecting to find drugs, but spotted the unmistakable form of a child inside the suitcase instead. The boy and his father reunited a few hours later. (x)

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Engagement ring. We can blame social media for all the pressure to make proposals creative, memorable, and heartwarming. Reed Harris tried to go big with his proposal, hiding the ring in a milkshake for his girlfriend. She was more concerned with the dessert than getting engaged and drank the entire milkshake without realizing there was a ring. Refusing to believe what she’d done, the couple made a trip to the hospital for x-rays and Harris proposed later that night holding the image of the ring inside his girlfriend. (x)


Scissors. If this wasn’t already, it should be a real fear for anyone who goes under for surgery. In 2001, Australian Pat Skinner had surgery to remove a portion of her colon. However, she continued to experience severe pain and discomfort for another year after the surgery. At her insistence, doctors took an x-ray of the area and discovered a pair of 6.7 inch scissors left behind inside of her abdominal cavity. A true nightmare realized. (x)

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Electric blanket. An aptly named python, Houdini, accidentally ate a queen-size electric blanket, including the control box. The blanket wrapped around his dinner (an unnamed rabbit) causing him to ingest the foreign material. His owner, Karl Beznoska, kept the blanket in his enclosure for warmth, and rushed him to the veterinarian when he noticed the considerable bulge in the snake. (x)


Tapeworm. A Frenchwoman went to the emergency room complaining of falling, electric shocks in her legs. An x-ray revealed a cyst in her spine caused by a “dog tapeworm”, which is rare in France but can be contracted from raw vegetables, and exposure to livestock, dogs, and cats. After surgery and a series of anti-parasitic drugs, she made a full recovery. (x)

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