5 Industries Being Changed By Cryptocurrencies

  • Crypto is (still) everywhere, these days, it seems...

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was developed back in 2009, and since then, the technology has taken the world by storm. There are now more than 19,00 different types of cryptocurrencies trading across the world, with dozens of different blockchain platforms being used. The impact on cryptocurrencies has gone a lot further than just the world of finance. The list below outlines the industries that are currently being changed by cryptocurrencies.

  1. The iGaming Industry 

Check out the latest Thunderpick blog news from e-sports, sports betting world with cryptocurrencies. The iGaming industry is being transformed with the use of cryptocurrencies. Many online casinos are now accepting cryptocurrencies which have a range of benefits for their players. For example, the use of cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry is enabling higher security for online players, as the cryptocurrencies enable privacy as the transactions cannot be traced. The use of cryptocurrencies is also enabling faster transitions across the globe as players are no longer required to have to exchange their currencies.


  1. Charities 

Many charities have started to embrace the use of cryptocurrencies in their transitions. The reason why charities are embracing cryptocurrencies is not only due to the greater possibilities for donations but also because it enables those who have given money to track their donations. When you make a charitable donation, a blockchain can provide you with the ability to track where the donation has gone and when it has arrived.


  1. The Shopping Industry 

­­­Another industry that is embracing cryptocurrencies is the shopping industry. Retail organizations all over the world have started to accept different types of cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment. The online shopping industry, in particular, is being transformed by cryptocurrencies as more and more outlets are facilitating crypto payments.


  1. The Technology Industry 

The technology industry has already started to feel the effects of cryptocurrencies. The most famous example of a technology company that has embraced cryptocurrencies is Tesla which will come as no surprise to those who are aware of Elon Musk’s relationship with different cryptocurrencies. Not only are many technology companies now accepting cryptocurrencies, but they are also embracing blockchain design in their systems for further data security.


  1. Crowdfunding 

Crowdfunding has also been transformed by the use of cryptocurrencies. The reason why crowdfunding is being influenced by cryptocurrencies is that it enables greater transparency. Platforms like Pledgecamp enable those who are donating to see where the money has gone and how it is being used. Offering a cryptocurrency option on a crowdfunding platform also increases possibilities for the number of people who are able to support a cause as they will no longer be limited by geographical location.

The companies that are listed above are just a few examples of how cryptocurrencies are impacting a wide range of different industries. When you are considering the impact that cryptocurrencies are having on industries, it is useful to note the current stage of crypto adoption. The world is still in the early stages of cryptocurrency usage. In the future, you can expect to see a big increase in both the number of industries using cryptocurrencies and the impact this can have on different industries.