5 Famous Tarot Cards and Their Meanings

Tarot cards have earned their popularity at being one of the most interesting segments of seeking knowledge into the unknown. Tarot cards come in two segments one is the Major Arcana, which represents the significant points in life, and the other one is the Minor Arcana that deals with the superficial elements in life.

The two possibilities you can get the tarot cards are in an upward position and in a downward position, each of them bears a different meaning. This rule applies to every tarot card, so we will be describing both meanings of the most famous cards.

Once we have reminded of the origins of the tarot cards as we know and love them today, we can start by going a little bit in-depth in the five most famous tarot cards so that we can get a better understanding of what they actually represent.











This is an optimistic card which indicated the balance in life that suggests you find a calm approach to all of your problems. When you are battling with the opposing forces within yourself, this card reminds you that in order to solve everything you do not have to be at war with yourself. The Temperance card indicated that you need to carefully make the decisions in our life and that confidence will only bring you good things.

The visual representation of this card depicts an angel with wings and his feet represent the subconscious and the material world. The pouring of water between the two cups indicates the union of the super and subconscious minds.

If you decide to take a free reading at Tarot Explained and you get the upward position of this card means that you have balance, peace, harmony, and patience. And if you get the downward position, it means imbalance, extremes, and recklessness.



This card indicates a change in your life that you have not been expected. It can be in every possible aspect of your life and is a rather permanent and significant one. Because death plays a significant role in our lives, it is only logical that the tarot card will have the same impact, but we have to remember that no matter the change, it ultimately leads to acceptance.

On this card, Death is riding a beautiful white horse with a flag in his arm. The skeleton is representing the human body after death and his armor indicated that it can be destroyed. His horse represents purity and at the bottom, there are people from various classes that represent that no one is immune to Death.

The upward position means transformation, change, and ending, whereas the downward position indicates the fear of change, resisting change, and repetition of negative patterns.


The Chariot

It represents the hard work you will face throughout your life. There is a possibility to resolve it in a quick and easy manner, but The Chariot is a hard card that will show you a long and difficult journey. But do not lose hope, every hard road has the chance for a good outcome.

This card depicts a figure that is inside a vehicle that is tied to two black and white sphinxes. All of the elements combined on the card indicate the opposing forces that we must learn to control. The upward position means success, ambition, and control. The downward position means aggression, powerless, and no control.


The Hermit

New generations are taking interest in tarot reading that reflect their inner selves. The meaning of The Hermit indicates the period of inner reflection that we all have to take. This is a perfect resemblance of the moment you need to take a step back and carefully examine your current situation. But, you have to remember that you will get to the solution only in an honest manner.

This card shows an old man standing alone and holds a lantern while standing at the peak of the mountain. All of the symbols shown on the card indicate accomplishment and development.  The upward position represents the search for self while the downward position represents the loneliness, isolation, and rejection.


The Star

It is time for relief and renewal for you. This applies to both the spiritual and physical aspects of your life. Just like the star, this card is associated with the light in the darkness and the positive sign for your future.

On the card, you can see a woman kneeling at the edge of a pond while holding two containers of water. Behind her, you can see a large star surrounded by seven smaller ones. All of the symbols indicate the ability of inner strength. The upward position indicates hope, faith, and positivity, while the downward position shows the complete opposite.