3 Things That Could Be Damaging Your Vision

With all the many aspects of your overall health and wellbeing that you must be mindful of on a day-to-day basis, it is easy to allow certain things to fall through the cracks. This is particularly true for those aspects of your health that are generally seen as a given and therefore can be taken for granted.

For instance, most people who have never been at a serious risk of losing their eyesight or who have never suffered from an eye condition can be prone to taking their vision for granted. Unfortunately, you might even be losing your vision without even realizing it. Don’t just try to look cool by wearing black cat eye sunglasses.

The best thing that you can do for your eyes is to take a proactive approach to eye health and care. Setting up good habits can help to keep your vision and healthy eyes for as long as possible. It is important to try to avoid those habits and lifestyle choices that can be damaging your vision and as with all health issues maintain a good diet and stay hydrated.

Here are three such thing that might very well be damaging your vision without you even noticing.

1. Improper Use of Contact Lenses

There are many people who choose to wear contact lenses instead of wearing glasses every day. Perhaps you are quite active throughout the day and glasses tend to get in the way. Maybe you simply feel more comfortable with the way you look in contacts as opposed to glasses. Whatever your reasons for opting for contacts may be, it is important that you respect your eyes and wear them properly.

Contact lenses should only be worn for about eight hours at a time. Any more than that can deprive your eyes of the oxygen they need. Furthermore, contact lenses should never be worn while you sleep or shower, it is very easy to get an infection from them if you do.

Talk to your professional eye care specialist to learn how to properly wear and care for contact lenses.

2. Too Much Screen Time

Screen time is another thing that can cause you to have issues with your vision. In the modern age of smartphones and tablets, screens are almost inescapable. However, using such screens for too long and in improper light can result in some serious strain on your eyes.

Aside from causing blurred vision, you might also start to experience headaches as a result of the strain to your eyes. It is recommended that you give your eyes a break from screens for around 20 minutes every so often.

3. The Sun

If you spend a great deal of your time outside or if you are planning a day out in the sunshine, it is important that you protect your eyes. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage to your vision and eyes from too much exposure. Moreover, your eyes can also suffer from sunburn which can be incredibly painful.

Every time you plan to be outside in the sun, take care to wear sunglasses or a hat in order to protect your eyes.