10 Most Bizarre Apps Ever Created

There’s something addictive about scrolling through the app store. Developers promise us the world, from better productivity and money management to immersive game experiences and more connectivity. Anyone who has fallen for the Gardenscapes or Homescapes ads knows that apps can promise just about anything, but whether they deliver is another matter entirely. While everyone’s trying to come up with the next Instagram, some of them fall far afield of traditional development choices. Here are some of the weirdest apps ever developed.

10 Most Bizarre Apps Ever Created

Is It Dark Outside?


Ever wake up from a nap and not know what century it is? This app will tell you if it’s dark outside or just in your heart. 

S.M.T.H (Send Me To Heaven!)


You throw your phone as high as you can into the air, and the app calculates the height. The app warns not to play “if you are a sissy.” Or just don’t want to shatter your phone for fake internet points. There’s a world ranking for the highest toss, so if you’re competitive about your self-destructiveness, maybe this is the app for you.

Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash
Pimple Popper

Android & iOS

If you love pimple-popping content so much you want to get your hands on it, here’s the app to make all your dreams come true. You get a little guide explaining how to pop different pimples and a field of blemished skin.

Lick the Icicle 


You use your finger as a tongue–or just use your tongue as a tongue, whatever, get weird. You swipe an icicle in-game – it’s just a blue triangle, the graphics of this game aren’t what I’d describe as innovative – to melt it. 



An app that does absolutely nothing but has a solid five-star rating and over 100,000 downloads. Not bad.

Fake Chat


This app is weird, but it’s also super-useful for the socially anxious. It’ll be more useful once we’re facing parties again. You can stand in the corner, and instead of unsubscribing to emails to look like you’re texting, you can text a fake person of your own creation.

Photo by Leon Liu on Unsplash

Android & iOS

While this app is useless right now, there might be a day in 2021 when we return to movie theaters. It tracks slow points in the plot of theater released movies. It vibrates when you’re safe to run and pee without missing anything critical or action-packed. 


Android &iOS 

A messaging app, but you can only send the word “yo.” Hilarious.



Ever wanted to feel something tangible to remind you how poor you are? Something more than stealing toilet paper at work or oyster crackers at the deli? This app lets you swipe through a million dollars in either 50s or 100s. 

Photo by Sebastian Hietsch on Unsplash
Places I’ve Pooped

iOS & Android

It’s either a checklist or a reminder to your future self never to go back.