10 Bizarre Experiences Of Security Guards

In various parts of the world and not necessarily at Halloween time is it fun to share incidents of the strangest things that might have occurred in our lives. Anything from dark basements with creaking wooden staircases to voices and whispers in empty corridors can be pure fun for some.

Here are the top 10 bizarre incidents experienced by security guards and officers while on or off duty in different parts of the world:


1. The Crazy Spinning Clock

A security guard worked for a government office in a building that was still in use. One day, when the guard was on duty, he happened to focus his attention on the security camera screen. The moment he did this, the wall clock that was on the wall opposite the screen began spinning at a bizarre speed.

Suddenly, it took itself off the hook on the wall and spun across the room, colliding into the wall. The guard ran into the middle of the stairwell where the camera was in the midst of filming the entire strange episode. Later, the guard showed the recorded film to his colleagues and they were all blown out of their minds.

2. A Stormy Night in a Funeral Home

This is the story of a security guard whose duty it was to take any dead bodies he found to a funeral home. One rainy night, he was in the morgue, laying a corpse on a shelf. A couple of seconds later, he found that there was a little movement in the corpse on the shelf above. Suddenly, his hand dropped and fell against the guard’s face. Next, the bolt of the door slipped and the door of the morgue shut behind the guard. Simultaneously, the electricity went off and the guard was drowned in darkness.

3. The Watchman in a Mental Hospital

A night watchman working at an abandoned mental hospital had a bizarre experience one night. When he saw flashlights all over the place, he called out to an officer and entered the hospital. The lady officer aimed her gun straight ahead and entered the hospital.

As they walked in, they could hear the footsteps of one person on the floor above them, so they followed to see who it could be. But no, there wasn’t anyone. As they heard the footsteps, they followed on the floor above and they followed the sound till they reached the roof, but there wasn’t anyone there too. There wasn’t anyone anywhere nor any indication that someone had been there. Truly, a creepy experience.

4. Scratching Sounds

This is the story of a night security guard in Perth, Western Australia. He reports the intercom going off several times at night. However, when he answered the intercom, all he heard was scratching sounds as if someone was scratching the mouthpiece. He also saw a vision swaying and moving towards the security camera.

5. Pitch Darkness

Again in Perth, the night security man tried to figure out a smudge in the dark. He saw a figure with twinkling eyes and many pairs of limbs making its way to the end of the hall where the security guard was. Though he tried to log the incident and film the event, yet the following morning, there was no record of it on video.

6. Howling and Moaning Sounds

At a renovation site of a desolate asylum in New South Wales, Australia, a security guard reported having heard moaning and howling sounds. This was heard in graveyard hours when the area was entirely deserted. When he peered into the darkness trying to make sense of the sounds, he saw a man with a twisted face stare back at him.

7. The Hospital

A night security man at a deserted hospital always had a negative feeling about it. Once when he thought he’d had enough, he decided to leave the job. While trying to get out of the premises, he found the door slamming shut with him stuck inside. In fact, the door knob was frozen in its socket. 

8. The Winchester Mystery House

This mansion was built in Winchester after the heiress believed that her family was haunted by those people killed by Winchester rifles. The security guard managing that mansion expected to see a spirit or two some night, and it happened.

One night, he saw two girls standing by each other in an empty office of the mansion. They just stood there, doing nothing in the middle of an empty passage. The building was empty and dark, there was nothing and no one all around. The guard screamed in fright and ran out of there. 

9. Headlights on a Dark Road

A security guard was driving through a forest with his friend. It was pitch dark and the only source of light was the car’s headlights. A little ahead of them was a large branch of a tree across the road. As the guard slowed down to swerve past the log, his friend shrieked, “The branch looked into my eyes.” As they stalled, they saw someone head into the trees. It was someone in camouflage. 

10. Designed for timelessness

At one of the best online casinos 2018, there’s a security guard who studied the atmosphere of a casino and realized that online casinos are also as eerie as their offline counterparts. For instance, at casinos, they don’t play any songs but some vague music. This is because songs would mean time is passing, and when a song is played repeatedly, players realize that they’ve spent hours in the casino.

And, phones aren’t allowed in casinos, not because their ringing is a distraction but because it prevents players from checking the time. After all, a casino’s aim is to keep players wrapped in timelessness where they focus only on the next spin. Isn’t that eerie?

Concluding Remarks

It’s not uncommon for night security guards to experience such bizarre or paranormal occurrences.  The fact that many of them can cope with such experiences is due to the excellent training they get before they begin working as guards. Without that, they might never face such incidents bravely.