Your Weekly Oddee Horoscope: October 19th

Welcome to your weekly Oddee horoscope. Last week ended up being a weird one. A priest peed on a woman during a flight from Vegas to Detroit. A man survived a brush with an angry cougar mom (the cat kind). And the US Army is making virtual reality goggles for dogs, despite 42 million Americans going hungry right now. So turn your gaze skyward, away from your terrestrial cares. 

Celestial Events: October 19th to 23rd


The days of the summer triangle are numbered. Looks straight up to see the joining of three constellations with the bright stars: Deneb, Vega, and Altair. They form a bright arrowhead pointing to the south. 


The Howell Comet is passing through Sagittarius right now. Maybe buy a scratch-off ticket Archers, you don’t know what form good fortune will take. 


If you’re up early or late tonight, catch the meteor shower off Orion’s right shoulder (his right, your left). It’s peaking right before dawn, but with winter descending, you should spot a few shooting stars even if you get up at 6 am. 


The Great Conjunction begins to form, with the moon gathering with Saturn and Jupiter. The portals to the spirit world won’t open until December but look to Sagittarius to see everything starting to align. 


The Lions got Venus all to themselves for the past week, but now she’s moving into Virgo. Evaluate your priorities with money, Maidens. If you don’t feel secure with your IRA, you can always divest and start hoarding gold. 

Your Sign for the Week: October 19th to 25th


This would be the week to grasp hands with a forgotten friend and say, “I remember your face when I’m lonely.” But there’s a pandemic, so text your ride or dies.


You’re in the middle of a battle Bulls, and while someone may tell you all things may end, take care of yourself in the meantime. What thread count are your sheets? That’s not high enough. I cannot overstate the value of soft sheets.


When you’ve been through a lot of chaos, it’s hard to feel secure when things settle down. You’re on the precipice of peace, Twins; it’ll take effort to relax and enjoy it. 


Don’t make big decisions when Mercury is in retrograde Crabs. Just don’t. Plan your heart out, but let the decisions mellow for a few weeks to be sure. Quick pickles are fine, but the cronch gets better with time. 


Did you take advantage of Venus in your house to settle your 2021 aesthetic Lions? You’re dealing with more complicated issues this week; retrograde be damned, leap into action. 


You’re gonna feel the earth move under your feet this week, Maidens. Strap on some rollerskates and go with it; you’ll coast through the rest of the year if you stop resisting the chaos. 


Your quarantine pod’s been leaning heavily on you for communication and reason these past months. Take some time for self-care! Hit up your favorite drive-thrus–did you know Arby’s has the best hashbrowns?


You’ve been slingshotting between overworking and crippled by exhaustion for the past eight months, Scorpions. Retrograde is a perfect time to practice finding balance after you stock up on Halloween candy, of course.


This year has been hard on you, Archers, but it’s teaching you valuable skills that can help you in life. Sit down and make some attainable goals to work towards between now and 2021. You got this. 


This is a good week for reflections, Sea-Goats; consider where you were this time last year and where you’d like to be next year. Dream a little bigger than “out of quarantine.”


You’ve been planning for a while, Water Bbs, start putting things in motion during this retrograde. Remember the Netflix queue? Was there anything more meditative than arranging it?


Just start buying the Halloween candy now, Fishes. With so much shifting in the world, you might as well hold tight to the things that bring you joy, like full-size KitKat bars.