Your Weekly Oddee Horoscope: November 9th

Celestial Events 

Photo by Nick Iliasov on Unsplash

Next week, the big event will be the Leonid meteor shower. So, this is an excellent time to practice finding the Leo constellation, as the moon is rising with it over the eastern horizon around midnight. 


Mercury, the little messenger planet, is popping over the horizon this week. You have to get up pretty early in the morning, but you’ll spot Venus and Mercury hanging out together on the eastern horizon about an hour before sunrise. 


Orion the Hunter is here to guide you through winter. The constellation is the most apparent in November and December in the southern sky. It’s one of the easiest to identify, thanks to the “belt” cluster of three bright stars. Find it in the southern sky around 11 pm.


The North Taurid meteor shower peaks tonight around midnight. With the waning crescent moon, you stand a good chance of seeing some shooting stars. The fireball’s origin point is in Taurus, directly above Orion.


Jupiter and Saturn are reasonably visible tonight and hanging out so.close together. Look to the southwest after sunset, and you’ll see them on their path down to the horizon. If you have a telescope, swing it due east, Uranus is visible next to the Aries constellation. It will cut a path across the sky throughout the night, setting close to dawn. 

Your Sign for the Week

Photo by Faria Anzum on Unsplash

This week I’ll address what you should be watching now that the election cycle is (sort of) done. It’s all cartoons, which should be a nice little treat after all the time you’ve given to pundits. 


What to watch: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Somewhere along the way, ambition became the lovechild of capitalism and vanity. You don’t have to think about it so linearly, Rams. Ascend to rest, achieve a peaceful mind, channel your ambitions close to home. (what choice do you have, anyway? Pandemic, amiright?)


What to watch: We Bare Bears

Even if you’re sick of hearing it, Bulls, experiences are born from perspective. Seasonal shifts should inspire a new point of view. Decide against boredom this week; add “I’m feeling lucky” to your address bar. 


What to watch: Rick and Morty

There’s a build-up to a clean house and clear mind, Twins. Empty your closets, reorganize your home office, structure your days, and feel the stress you carry melt away. Binge-watching TV hits different when your spice rack is alphabetized. 


What to watch: Archer

Omg, take so much time for yourself this week, Crabs. Whether single, attached, or in a situation, you’ve been giving entirely too much of your time to others. Maybe start a TikTok? A LiveJournal? Just do what you want, and don’t apologize. 


What to watch: Adventure Time

Get ready for your work situation to start looking a little different, Lions. Maybe you ordered a new plant for your office space? If you haven’t, order one today. I got a neon pothos, and it’s changed my life. 


What to watch: Bob’s Burgers

If someone recently left your life, Maidens, don’t mourn the loss; welcome the space for newer and better. These long, dark nights cast misleading shadows. Tend to your home and hearth in the coming months; how’s your sourdough starter doing?


What to watch: Tuca & Bertie

Don’t tell anyone else, Scales, but your cartoon to binge is the best one on the list. Female friendships are transformative, so make a little extra time for the ladyfriends in your life this week. They’ll carry you through difficult times to come.


What to watch: Bojack Horseman

Like an overwrought rubberband, Scorpions, you’re snapping back this week. While the tension is gone, you’re never going to be quite the same. That’s okay! It’ll take a while to sort through the new experiences. 


What to watch: The Dragon Prince

Think in broad strokes this week, Archers. You’re working hard for big picture stuff, which can make you feel run down in the day to day. Step back from the slog, and celebrate your stoicism. 


What to watch: King of the Hill

Transformation can come in all forms, Goats. Do you ever fall asleep worried you’ll wake up a stranger in your own life? Notice and participate in the changes around you. 


What to watch: Cowboy Bebop

Are you feeling a greater sense of peace after all your self-care last week, Water Bbs? Make it part of your routine as you move through these long winter months. Your struggles will abate as 2020 comes to a close. 


What to watch: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

If you’re really feeling the power of friendships this week, don’t hesitate to cut toxic relationships out of your life. You’ll be left with more space for the people who nurture you and yourself. Overhaul your wardrobe and toss out the old and ill-fitting.