Readers Share Things Parents Did That They Didn’t Realize Were ‘Wrong’ Until They Grew Up

Wrong Parents

Kids are under the impression that parents can do no wrong. Man, how wrong they are! Parents are still human, even though they’re also guardians for other humans.

We asked Facebook fans to name some of the worst things they witnessed mom and dad do when they were kids.

Drinking, smoking, abandonment and awful food choices, readers share some of the “wrong” things they saw their parents do that they didn’t realize were bad until they grew up.

Minor Offenses

“Eating a few grapes but not buying any.” – Kesha

“Smoking with the windows in the car barely cracked or even closed in the winter. To be fair, they didn’t realize back then how truly awful smoking was, but YIKES!” – Cort

“Sunday country road drive while the driver, dad, drank beer.
If only his new life knew his old life!” – Barb

“Serve spaghetti with rice.” – Miranda

“Scream at me and each other.” – Beth

“My dad Not making almost full stop and clutching when passing speed bumps.” – Jorge

This Isn’t Wrong But It’s Sure Smart

“My mom would have me answer the phone and tell people she wasn’t home.” – Lizzie

Pure Protein

“Mom ate raw hamburger. She never got sick though. Nothing else though. My parents have always been decent & respectable.” – Marcy

Peace And Love

“Oh man, where do I begin? Life was different then. Smoking pot would be the big thing, they were hippies, and I have learned to agree that this world needs a piece pipe more often than not.” – Tanya

Latchkey Kids

“Started leaving me alone at the age of 7. Of course, a small list of chores and walk my butt to school. And then when I get home, it’s homework, rest of my small list” – Christina

“Latch key kid at the age of 5. Left alone in the house until someone came home later.” – Jackie

“Came home from school on a Friday and find a note that said ‘went to (insert place) for the weekend, be back Sunday night’ with 40 bucks taped to it. I was in junior high.” – Leo

Probably Better Off Locked In The House Alone

Leave me alone in the parking lots of dive bars, from midday to closing time. I thought it was merely boring at the time.” – Debbie

Wait, This Is Wrong?

“Get drunk every night.” – Kady

Let’s Hope She’s Kidding

“Taught me how to cut coke and roll joints and mix drinks at 5yrs.” – Tina

Booze Or DVDs?

“My daddy was the bootleg man.” – Ashley

Let’s Hope He’s REALLY Kidding

“Sniffing cocaine out of each other’s asses.” – Gonzalo

kid smoking weed


“Letting me smoke when I was 6 years old.” – Jessica

Designated Driver

“Have the kids blow into the breathalyzer that was installed in her car so she could drive.” – Kate

Bathroom Reading

“I found a naughty magazine when I was really young. Apparently. it was ‘hiding’ and I got the Mr. in trouble with the Mrs.” – Megan

The Worst Crime Of All

“I saw my mom putting pineapple on pizza!” – Daniel

What did you see your parents do as a kid that you didn’t realize was “wrong” until you got older? Let us know in the comments section.


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