Woman Receives Unsettling Diagnosis Regarding Her ‘Velvety’ Palms

  • But hopefully they can figure out how to make it better for her, soon.

When she was experiencing painful and itchy lesions on the palms of her hands, a 73-year-old Brazilian woman went to the dermatologist and got an unsettling diagnosis.

The woman was not identified within the New England Journal of Medicine case report said that the treating doctor noticed the lesions about nine months ago. Accompanying symptoms included a non-stop cough and a weight loss of 11 pounds, four months before visiting the doctor for medical attention.

Not only that, but the woman was a heavy smoker and smoked a pack a day for the past 30 years.

“Physical examination revealed sharp demarcation of the folds in the lines of her hands in addition to a velvety appearance of palmar surfaces and ridging of the skin,” doctors noted.

The feeling of ’velvety’ palms were due to a rare condition called acanthosis palmaris. Or acquired pachydermatoglyphia, also known as tripe hands. Tripe hands show up as a skin appearance resembling tripe, or the stomach lining of beef, pork, or sheep.

The doctors noted in the case report that the condition is “closely associated with cancer, particularly lung and gastric cancer.” This condition typically surfaces before a patient is diagnosed with cancer.

While the cause of the rare condition is not entirely known, some research does suggest that cancer stimulates the overproduction of skin cells on the palms of your hands. A CT scan did confirm that the woman was suffering from cancer, lung cancer specifically. 

Recommendations from the doctors were to start radiation and chemotherapy, when can remedy the lesions caused by the tripe hands. The lesions this patient had did not cease with chemotherapy or ointment treatments, according to doctors.

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