Woman Meets Her Boyfriend 12 Years After Giving Birth To His Daughter

  • Unorthodox, but hey, whatever works!


It’s the age-old tale everyone knows by heart. Girl meets boy, boy meets their 12-year old daughter.

Wait. What?

Jessica Share recently connected her daughter with the sperm donor that helped Jessica and her then-girlfriend give birth to Alice. After deciding to have a second child they opted to use donations from the same donor that they used with Alice. Things seemed great. The girls had a DNA connection and they made a wonderful little family.

Until, according to Jessica, her girlfriend-turned-wife decided to end things. Jessica alleges that she didn’t see it coming. The blindsided move came with another strange decision. Jessica’s ex decided to keep the younger sister, blocking Alice and cutting off all contact. A bizarre and seemingly cruel move.

The story doesn’t end its strangeness there.

After some time, Alice asked her grandmother for a DNA testing kit. The results revealed the name of her DNA father. Contacting the gentleman, Aaron Long, through the site, the families connected and began bonding.

After some time, Jessica and Aaron grew closer.

Long had other children for Alice to meet. The results also found a half-brother, Bryce, who had found another half-sister Madi. Apparently, Alice and her sister were children 7 and 8 of Aaron Long’s.

Jessica moved her and Alice out to Seattle with Aaron, joining his co-op in 2017. The half-sister Madi joined them. Jessica even found yet another half-sister about an hour from them who could share a Girl Scout troop with Alice.

While this is mostly the story of Jessica and Alice (and their story remains unresolved with Alice’s younger sister still out of the picture), Aaron Long’s own story could be just as compelling if not more.

In fact, film-makers Matt Isaac and Craig Downing thought so as well. They’re making a documentary about Long called Forty Dollars A Pop. Long estimates there could be as many as 67 of his biological children roaming the world. The documentary takes place before Jessica and Aaron became a couple and will hopefully provide some insight into the eccentric mind of the taxi driving writer and musician.

Forty Dollars A Pop has a website and trailer set up for preview. Aaron Long also has a New York Times Modern Love Column piece called “First I Met My Children, Then My Girlfriend”.

The story of Jessica and Aaron clearly isn’t wrapped up and we’re not likely to get all the answers to all our questions anytime soon, but here’s to hoping this wacky couple the best in the future and that this family can find some peace together. Alice deserves to have her younger sister in her life, for both their sakes and Alice’s younger sister deserves the chance to connect with the rest of her bio-family if that’s what she wants.

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