Why Lecithin Makes the Best Edibles

When making cannabis edibles, it is important to use the right ingredients. Sure, it matters which strain of cannabis you use, and it is essential to ensure you know the dosages that you are using. It is often overlooked, but using high-quality ingredients, no matter what kind of edibles you are making, is also extremely important. This can mean using one brand of flour over another for example, but it can also mean using something called Lecithin.

What is lecithin?

Lecithin is a type of fat, found in foods such as eggs and avocados, as well as soybeans. Lecithin essentially acts as an emulsifier; it bind oils and water when making foods, where the two would otherwise not mix. Lecithin thus helps to make foods that require the use of oils and water-based ingredients, a category that most of the easy-to-make cannabis edibles fall into.

Why should you use lecithin for your cannabis edibles?

Lecithin helps to bind water and oil-based ingredients when cooking, and in so doing it helps to give the foods better structure. It is both a binding and emulsifying agent. This is important for things like brownies, which can so easily go very wrong or fall apart. This is where lecithin really shines, as it ensures you are able to make top-quality baked goods every time without the fear of them not taking shape. Cannabutter can be notoriously fiddly when you have never made it before, and it is easy in itself to mess up. But ensuring the cannabutter can combine with the other ingredients in your edibles will ensure that they not only look and taste good, but that they are also effective.

Adding lecithin may also make it easier for cannabis to be absorbed by the body, because it is fat and THC is fat soluble, so adding lecithin may increase the potency and effectiveness of your edibles. This means you can really get the most out of your cannabutter, helping to save money and make a more reliable way to medicate. Finally, adding lecithin can also help to preserve your cannabis edibles. It does this by the way that it binds the water and oil-based ingredients together, preventing them from separating and thus making them less likely to spoil.

How to use soy lecithin in cannabutter

So, what is the best source of lecithin? Well, eggs are really the best choice, but for vegan recipes, or for those who would just rather not use eggs or are perhaps allergic to them, soy lecithin is the next best thing. Soy lecithin is far more common than other kinds such as sunflower lecithin, and this makes it very easy to get a hold of. You just need to mix 1.5 tablespoons of soy lecithin with 2 teaspoons of water for every egg yolk that you would use in the recipe. This is a ratio that works well for most edibles, but trial and error will be required to find the ideal mix for your specific recipe. Just keep going until you make the perfect mix!