When Cows Break Into Houses and Start to, Well, Poop

  • Because when cows get into houses, they really bring in the s#&!.

Home break ins happen all the time, but the culprit isn’t usually cows. In this case though, it was. 

In Tasmania, Chelsea Hingston came home to find her own cows had broken into her house and trashed the place. The video shared on TikTok of course went viral. 

Hingston  lives in Sprent Tasmania and said she had locked Sob and Bandit, her two cows, in the backyard on July 28th. She moved her cows there due to a storm the night before that had damaged the cattle’s corral. 

After leaving the next morning, she said the one-year-old cows pushed their way into her home on the Australian island state. When she got home, it was trashed along with what looked like piles on manure on the floor and debris scattered throughout the living room.

Bad Sob and Bandit. Bad cows. 

After calling their names and yelling at them, Hingston said they immediately walked out. She lost plants, toys, and clothing in the incident, thanks to her naughty cows. 

And of course, she says that she had just had new flooring installed. Because isn’t that always when it happens?

The damage was estimated at a whooping $15,000 including carpet repairs and various replaced items. 

This isn’t the first time cows have trashed a house. These broke in and pooped all over the place.

And it was a newly-built house, that the cows turned into their own palace while the owners were away. It happened to a couple in Montana.

In the state, cows outnumber people, so watch the eff out. This is what the poster had to say about it all when people started asking questions after the initial post went viral. 

“1.House is on my aunt’s property. We currently live in Washington and were planning to move over at the end of the year. We assumed she was going down every now and again to check on the house, guess she wasn’t. Cattle guy has a lot of acreage and looked for his cows, even filed a report for stolen cattle. He looked in our shed but not in the house because he thought someone was living there.

  1. There was a bad storm in the town I think around late April and we think the cows were looking for coverage. They either got in by nudging a lever door or the wind might have blown the door open. We’re not sure.
  2. Insurance has been contacted but I’m not sure about the outcome because my stepdad is trying to deal with it directly with cattle guy and trying to work something out, and no, we don’t have Farmers insurance.
  3. Cattle man has already contacted contractors to come out and appraise house, we have all his info but unfortunately, we are back in Washington at this time, so it’s going to be a process.

5.I’m going to become a vegetarian to please the cow gods so that this will never happen again. “

Well, holy cow.