What’s The Weirdest Amazon Item Out There? Part Two

There are so many different things that you can get from Amazon. Whether it’s products, clothes, or home goods, you can get it all. You can also get some things you normally wouldn’t. All you need is a weird Amazon item, and it can make your day.

Finger Hands

You know, they are like mini puppets, for your fingers, in the shape of hands. Instead of giving a high five, you could give a high 25! Then, you could get some mini finger hands for your finger hands, and you’d have all the fingers. 


Yes, you can buy live ladybugs and get them sent right to you. How many do you want? They come in the quantity of 1,500. So hopefully you want a lot of them. They are sold and recommended to be used for your garden. They eat aphids, moth eggs, mites, scales, thrips, leafhoppers, mealy bugs, and other pesky bugs, too. But if you don’t want to use them in the garden, you could just hang out with them, too. 

Cow Wall Decal

This cow wall decal would go well anywhere in the house. It could go in your garage, your kitchen window, your bathroom, Hell, maybe even in your bedroom. But it could also go in your car window and personally, that would be the best and most fun spot that you could put it in. Now the only question is, how many should you buy? Because you could have a cow in all of these spots instead of just one, and how much cooler would that be? This is for sure a weird Amazon item.


Gameboy Decals

These decals turn your fridge into a Gameboy. You could really put them anywhere though and then make your bedroom door a Gameboy. Or you could add them to your bathroom door, your washing machine, or your living room windows if you wanted to. The “screen” is also a dry erase board where you could leave love notes, make a list, or draw funny faces. You can’t play other games on it though, or any for that matter. Unless you wanted to play tic-tac-toe, in which case, go for it. The decals are also magnetic so they are easily removable and won’t leave any residue or marks.

Giant Pocket Shirt

This T-shirt puts “deep pockets” on a whole other level. The pocket is so big, it actually takes up the majority of the front of your shirt. Need a snack? It could fit in this pocket. You can also fit your phone, wallet, and pet in there, if you really wanted to. Plus, if you’re wearing jeans, you already have a solid 4 pockets to work with. Then you have this huge pocket, too? What more could you even need?


Wine For Cats

Because if you love wine and you have cats, then you have to get some wine for your cats. If you do buy some cat wine for your cat, then don’t feel bad about it. It’s 100% normal and also non-alcoholic. It will give your cat a little buzz though as it’s made out of beets and catnip-style herbs. No grains, though, or corn or soy, so it’s even healthy! Wine for you, wine for your cat, and it’s a party.


What more could you want? The cow decal is the weird Amazon item you have to have. And there are so many more things you must have, that you will love.