What are the Medicinal Properties of Hemp

  • Is hemp right for you? Read on, and always ask your health care provider for advice...

Hemp is believed to have been used for its medicinal benefits from as early as 6000 B.C. Since then, the herb has been passed down from one generation to another until this century. The developments in organic medicine have made it much easier to gauge the efficacy of this type of treatment. For example, continual investments are being made to measure the efficacy of hemp and marijuana in the medical field. Here are some of the findings detailing the medicinal properties of hemp.


Stress reduction

Stress management can be handled with hemp extract in oils, topicals, or vape cartridges. Hemp relaxes the body, relieving any tension caused by physical, emotional, or mental stress. At the same time, hemp targets neurotransmitters in the brain, prompting them to relax, especially when under pressure. 

This stress reduction is possible due to the vitamin B and magnesium found in hemp extract, which helps the body manage stressful situations better. You can find stress-reducing hemp extract in the cake vape pen. It comes with tasty flavors of your choice. There are various cartridges to choose from, and using hemp in this way is a modernistic and stylish way to do it. The vape pen does not have a clinging odor. Instead, it is light just for your enjoyment.


Arginine improvement

Hemp products, seeds, or oils are rich in arginine, an amino acid with the perfect health properties to combat hypertension. This amino acid assists with dilating constricted blood vessels and promotes blood flow throughout the body. Ultimately, this impacts heart health by reducing the chances of suffering from a heart attack and even a stroke. Hemp lowers blood pressure and, most importantly, combats inflammation that could lead to constricted vessels and clots. 

By extension, arginine boosts athletic performance because it relaxes blood vessels. The heart does not exert much pressure when participating in activities such as running or other cardiovascular intensive exercises. Overall, hemp oil and seeds are the best natural supplements for a healthy heart for aged ones, athletes, and even younger ones suffering from cardiovascular conditions.


Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflamed joints and even visceral organs can be irritative and could be a sign of underlying conditions such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, or metabolic syndrome. Hemp seed is rich in omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids which combat the inflammation of joints and visceral organs. 

You can use high concentrations of hemp seed oil to treat inflammation and reduce the risk of these underlying conditions becoming unmanageable. Gamma-Linolenic acid is also hailed to be very effective in treating inflammation. Hemp seed oil is very rich in this acid, making it a suitable supplement to reduce rheumatic and other types of inflammation organically and affordably using CBD.


Protein nutrients

In a vegan diet, hemp plays a vital role in increasing protein intake since this herb’s seeds are very rich in this nutrient. Human bodies can’t generate protein. Therefore this nutrient needs to be taken in by diet to experience its benefits. Most vegan diets substitute protein in meat using soybeans, but hemp seeds are a far greater source. 

For example, just three tablespoons of these seeds can result in almost 10 grams of protein. This is just under half of what is found in a 100g steak, which draws a clear picture of the protein intake hemp seeds have. Hemp can be used as a supplement for medical conditions related to malnutrition or protein deficiency. It has all nine amino acids found in protein, including arginine, mentioned above.


Advanced cognitive functionality

CBD from hemp has a deep effect on cognitive functionality since it promotes a healthier brain through its regenerative properties. Diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s degenerate neurons in the brain, resulting in impaired cognitive function. Hemp helps reproduce neurons through neurogenesis promoted by the cannabinoids found in CBD. 

The reproduction of neurons will improve the overall cognitive function and slow down any degeneration caused by these disorders. Since most neurodegenerative disorders are caused by age, using hemp as you approach your golden years can help delay the effects of these conditions as much as possible. Additionally, hemp seed extract can reduce the effects of Multiple Sclerosis since this condition is neurological. Unfortunately, these conditions are irreversible, but hemp can help delay and reduce their impact.


Pain management

Pain management is a challenging field to navigate. Trying to avoid addiction to opioids while enduring an injury or chronic pain and dealing with hefty price tags isn’t a walk in the park. Hemp can make this experience much more bearable by sufficing as a highly effective and affordable treatment solution. CBD is very helpful in alleviating neuropathic pain and reducing other kinds of chronic ailments. 

With its anti-inflammatory properties, hemp can reduce discomfort and pain experienced by inflamed joints. Thus, treating conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and significantly reducing its pain. Hemp does not have large contents of THC. Therefore it is not sedative but rather treats pain by numbing receptor nerves. This is contrary to the sedative high that makes it hard to carry out daily tasks found in high-THC content marijuana.


Reduces Premenstrual Syndrome 

Premenstrual Syndrome generally manifests itself with symptoms including irritability, breast tenderness, bloating, and depression. These symptoms indicate a peak of prolactin in the body, causing these symptoms to highlight themselves. There are off-shelf supplements that women going through this phase can take, but they are often expensive and aren’t always effective. Most of them are not 100% organic, indicating that there might be some inherent side effects. 

On the other hand, hemp can counter these side effects through Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) found in hemp seed oil. GLA directly counters the prolactin in the body, limiting its effectiveness and reducing the symptoms manifested by premenstrual women. The hemp seed oil also treats these symptoms directly by reducing depression and using anti-inflammatory properties to reduce bloating.


Improves digestive system function

Fiber helps in improving digestion, and it can be found in hemp flowers as well as its seeds. The fiber found in this herb goes a long way in contributing to healthy living since it clears the digestive tract. Subsequently, constipation is reduced, which boosts energy levels, improves appetite, and reduces stomach pain or discomfort. 

An improvement in the digestive system has an impact on weight management. It gets easier to keep your weight within the BMI range prescribed for you taking into account bone density, height, and age. Other byproducts of a healthy digestive system include manageable blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Hemp has both soluble and insoluble fiber providing all the above benefits and more from just one source.


Treating opioid addiction

The hallmark of opioid addiction is a host of withdrawal symptoms experienced when an addict does not get a fix. These withdrawal symptoms include anxiety and an elevated resting heart rate. CBD from hemp can help opioid addicts reduce their withdrawal anxiety and decrease their resting heart rate. At the same time, studies have discovered that CBD helps reduce cue-induced cravings amongst heroin addicts. The study was conducted on heroin addicts, and results were evident within a week of starting their hemp treatment. 

Although the road to recovery is a slippery slope, hemp treatment can expedite the process amongst some addicts. The best part is that there aren’t any adverse side effects reported during the trials regarding this type of treatment. Hemp is the perfect choice since it is not addictive as its contemporary marijuana with high THC content.


Psychological benefits

Mental health is one of the medical fields at the forefront recently due to the awareness public figures are raising on this matter. Hemp is also highly effective in reducing the psychological effects of post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and even depression. Smoking or using hemp products such as CBD oil calms the nervous system. 

It controls the hormones responsible for psychological conditions and addresses chemical imbalances in the brain. As a result, conditions like bipolar disorder can be easily managed, reducing psychiatric observation time. The benefits of using hemp for psychological conditions include cost savings and reducing the risk of being addicted to prescription medication. Although hemp may not completely replace other treatment courses, it can boost their efficacy and contribute to better overall mental health.