These Are The Weirdest Scented Candles There Are

Everyone loves candles. They smell great, are warming, and bring a certain something to a room, and definitely to an event. But did you know there are some seriously weird scented candles? Because there are and these are some of the weirdest scented candles.

Whiskers on Kittens

This Yankee candle is undoubtedly the cutest (and weirdest) scented candle. Kittens are cuddly, soft, warm, and adorable. But what in the heck do they even smell like? Apparently their scent is coveted and enjoyed so much that a candle just had to be made to spread the scent.

Bacon Candle

How weird do you really think this is? I mean, who doesn’t LOVE bacon? A lot more people want the smell of bacon in their house on the regular than you may think. All you really have to do is cook bacon in the house and it will smell like it all day. But there are those who cannot eat bacon or do not like bacon, but still want the scent. And this candle is perfect for those people. You can get a bacon candle from Yankee, Stinky Candle Co., and other retailers as well.

The Times of New York

If you want newspaper scent and candle scent, all in one, this will be your new favorite candle. Newspaper scented candles give you the feel goods of reading the newspaper without all the pesky crime, politics, and classifieds of actually reading the newspaper these days. It’s unfortunate, but this candle is out of stock. Perhaps they are working on a new age newspaper candle, also known as a Kindle Candle. Could it be?

“Man” Candle

I once had a friend that would buy man scented cologne just so she could spray it on herself and smell the man scent all day. She loved it. And she would love this candle, too. Men have a certain something. Cologne is great smelling and we all love to smell good . Not all men need cologne but if you want to smell a man and either don’t have one, aren’t one, or want to smell one without them being around, you will want this “Man” Candle. Etta Arlene sells this candle and you should get your hands on it. Even if you don’t buy or use it, you can smell what a “Man” should smell like, at least according to this candle that is.


Yes, 2X4, as in the wood. This candle is for the man who wants a manly candle but not one that is scented “like a man.” Don’t believe me? This candle is sold by Yankee and you can get it for that man in your life, that wants a candle that smells manly, you know, like wood.

First Down

Yes, as in football. Who even know there were so many man candles out there? This candle shows a perfect football on top off the grass and the smell must be like football heaven. And what is that? Grass, pig skin, sweat, and dreams? Go team! I guess?

Peeps Candle

You know, those delicious, animal-shaped marshmallows that we eat around Easter? They’re called peeps and there’s a candle for them, too. They don’t have the same cute shape or color, but the smell is what we’re after, after all.  This scent is easily one of the weirdest scented candles.

Girl Scout Cookie Candles

These aren’t as weird as they are truly amazing. Your favorite girl scout cookies with their delicious scent and it’s wafting through your house? I mean, what’s better than that? There are thin mints, trefolis, also known as shortbread, chocolate peanut butter, like the patties, and coconut caramel stripes, everyone’s favorite, samoas. We all love Girl Scout cookies and now we have the chance to “enjoy” them all year long.

Cherries on Snow

Is that supposed to mean something? Or represent something? Are cherries and snow related? All I know is cherries are sweet, light, and delicious. And pairing them with the snow sounds seasonal, bright, and crisp. The smell is likely fresh and sweet. Sounds good to me.

Turkey and Stuffing

Yum. if this isn’t perfect for the season than nothing will be. And it’s one of the weirdest scented candles out there. The picture on the front of this Yankee candle is a browned and delicious looking turkey with stuffing on the side and what appears to be green bean casserole. Thanksgiving Day is full of these scents but if you want to keep smelling this delicious dinner even after Thursday, than this is the scent you must buy.

What is your favorite weird candle? You must buy and try some of these. Who knows what might be your next favorite weirdest candle scents.