Weird but Fun Facts About Florida

Living in Florida for three years is no small feat. It’s very different from the rest of the US, and weirdly so. These are the weirdest things about Florida.


In Florida, they use the term “basket” for your cart at the store. To a Midwesterner, basket is the green one you carry with the wire handles. But to a Floridian, (and many other southerners,) when you’re talking about the open air box-shaped, on wheels container for your groceries, we call it a cart, not a basket.

Flashers in the Rain

This is weird and you see it in Florida all the time. Well, whenever there’s a rain storm. Instead of turning on their lights, people use their flashers driving down the highway, on the side roads, and when they are pulled over, too. The thing is, especially in the heavy tropical rains of Florida, you need to have your lights on so that other people can see you. And flashers just aren’t enough!

Sun Showers

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This is weird, beautiful, and totally Florida. Sun showers occur when it’s a bright and sunny day, and it begins to rain. It can mist, drizzle, or even downpour all well the sun is in the sky and shining bright. You can imagine the rainbows that result from this weather. Love the Florida skies!

Publix “Hog” Scale

So Publix is an extremely popular grocery chain in Florida. They are famous for their “Pub(lex) Subs,” and also their “hog scale.” Well, that’s what I call it anyhow. It’s this huge scale that you step up onto and has a huge dial that moves to your weight. If you ever want a scale to use and don’t have one at home, (or at your gym. Yes, I pay for a gym membership and have no access to a good scale. Grr.) just got to your local Publix.

Hotter Post-Rain

Back home in Wisconsin, after the rain, the weather cools and the humidity drops, for the most part. That is not the case in Florida. Nope. Super hot days with high humidity give way only temporarily during a storm. They cool off a bit. But after the storm and rain have passed in Florida, it just gets hotter. It’s hard to believe, but it’s no joke. Hot and humid for life.

Dogs in Strollers

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Dogs in strollers is totally a thing in Florida. Pets are over spent on and owners are all about it. They take them to doggy spas, out to buy designer dog clothes, and all the while they are pushing them around in doggy strollers. Like a stroller for a baby, but for a dog. No, just no. Florida, you are too ridiculous.


Because Florida is so hot and humid, most people who live here love it. But for those who don’t and those who think a breeze at 70 (and humid) is “cool,” when the temperature drops in Florida, people are so quick to grab their jackets, boots, and hats. Once it hits 50 degrees, people are full on bundled up for the weather. Any temp in the 40s, and the news calls the weather “frigid.”

Drive Fast and Walk Slow

The people of Florida drive fast. You can definitely speed in Florida and to keep with the flow of traffic, you usually have to. But then, probably because it’s so hot and probably because people are on vacation, people walk really slowly in Florida. You want to know what else they do? They walk on the left side! Whether you’re on the trail or on the sidewalk, people are walking down their left side and almost running into you. People, we drive down the right side, and we walk down the right side. You on your right, and me on my right. Write that down!

Lots of Sun but Less Golf?

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Lots of courses are done letting you on by 6:30 PM. This is strange because Florida stays lighter for a longer amount of time, sometimes even until 9 PM but nope. Most are done well before 7 PM. Also, most courses in general don’t let you walk in Florida. This should be an option I think, It’s much healthier to walk. Although there is way too much pesticide used in Florida, but that’s whole other topic.


And last but not least, the insurance in Florida is outrageous. Well, costs are in general. But specifically, car insurance. It isn’t weird as much as it sucks. In Florida, you will pay the same amount for one vehicle as you would for two vehicles in some other states, ie Wisconsin.

Dogs in strollers is totally Florida and for that matter, so are sunshowers. Florida is a weird but beautiful and fun place.