Why are You not Ready for a Serious Relationship

Any relationship sooner or later reaches a certain point, after which it is necessary to make an important decision: to transfer relations to a new level, to leave everything as is or, in the worst scenario, to break up. Many of us are afraid to cross this line – the fact is that we never know for sure what awaits us next – an interesting development, after which the relationship will become even brighter or you will be devoured by a gray and dull everyday life.

It frightens and repels. It’s much easier to continue to lead a carefree life. However, not all are able to hold this mood. People usually cool to each other. But what if you are not afraid of the prospect of living with a lady for the rest of your life? What if you are not afraid of future problems? What if you want to get beyond the ease and experience the full weight and charm of a serious relationship? First, ask yourself an extremely honest question: “Am I really ready for such an epic story?”


You do not Have Money and Career Prospects

If this is so, then do not rush to make a decision in favor of living together with a lady. After college, it is wiser to decide on work, place of living, and at least learn how to cook. You must be a secured guy, a person who can not only live on his own money but also provide a girlfriend. If your financial problems will be solved by your girlfriend, then forgive me, buddy, but this is a very bad option. It will damage your beloved girl, and then your self-esteem. You will quickly turn into a lazy slug and gigolo. We are absolutely against this option.

Love is not about stability, it’s like getting into a zone of turbulence. And in such cases, it’s better to be an ace pilot on a Boeing plane than a village fool on a collapsing hang-glider.


You do not know about Her Intentions

Serious relationship – this is when two people go in one direction, helping each other. But if you do not know where your girlfriend is going and where she sees herself in ten years, then do not rashly formalize your relationship. Do not rely on only one romantic affection. Most people are united by a common understanding of the finish. If it is not, then for many years you will be engaged in the tug-of-war, stamping in one place. And at some point, you will collapse into the abyss. It is very difficult to get out of this abyss, even if you are lucky to find a new companion. And alone it is almost impossible.

Everyone wants to dedicate himself to feelings, but your impatience can play a cruel joke. Not only with you, but with your girlfriend. Are your roads integrated into one? Get an answer to this question before you’ll make a decision.

Your Girlfriend Takes Everything from You

The fact is that the constructiveness of relations is measured by the adequacy of people participating in them. If your girlfriend wants complete obedience to her person, then you should forget about her. You have friends, work, family, your dog, hobbies that you also need to love. If a girl puts herself between them and you, she just does not understand the essence of joint life. If you do the same, then you make yourself a booby. Because healthy relations are about mutual assistance, about support, but in no way about the complication of a life to each other. Do you think this is impossible? Then do not start to move to the next level in relations – you’re not ready.


She is Financially Dependent of You

If it’s not about planned “business relations”, but about feelings and life together, then make sure that your girlfriend will be able to feed herself in the worst case (and Ukrainian wives are always able to do so). If everything is sad, then help her cope with financial problems. Know that it’s easier to live with those ladies who do not ask for money from you, but spend their money. Less crap in the minds that are associated with mercantile matters, both for you and for her. And life will be much easier. For many, this arrangement of roles will seem strange, but in modern realities, it works best.