Weird but Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You’re Going to Want

A kitchen is a place to eat, host parties, and come together. But of course, it’s also a place, make that, the place, to cook. These are weird but cool and useful kitchen gadgets you will want once you know how great they are.

Bear Claw Shredders

These are perfect, whether you’re shredding meat for BBQ or Italian beef, these work perfectly. These shredders look like brass knuckles honestly, but with fork-like prawns on them. Just wrap your hand around the base of the tool, for the most secure hold, and let the utensil do the work for you.

Magnetic Spice Tins

Yes, yes, yes. To anyone that has wrestled with, pulled out all the other spices before finding the one you need, and just plain been sick of their spice rack, (or lack of one,) this is the answer! A magnetic square hangs on the wall, and your spices stick to it, in easy to use, see through spice containers. There is even a hook for your measuring spoons. This item is weird but awesome and you’ll know exactly when your spices are running out.

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Where are the people that hate when their food touches? What about the people that hate when food touches, even when the foods “go together?” This bowl is for you. It’s got two sections, one lower section for the milk, and the other elevated and contained section for the cereal. This way, you can take one bite at a time and add it to the milk. Hopefully, you don’t like the “cereal milk’ at the bottom of the bowl though, because without the cereal simmering in the milk like a traditional bowl, your milk will probably be a little dull.

Cookie Dipper

Yup, you heard that right. A kitchen gadget just for dipping your cookies into the milk. Because well we all cannot agree about the cereal and milk situation, one thing is for sure, no one wants soggy cookies. (However, cookies are much bigger than cereal and therefore could take on more milk without getting soggy but still being the perfect snack, couldn’t they?) Anyhow, this way you can stick your cookie onto this dipping stick, and do a quick in and out of the milk, or let it simmer a little. Either way, you decide. Oh and, you’ll never get milk fingers by dipping them with this cookie dipper, so that’s a plus, too.

Strainer Cutting Board

Did you know you can get both of these, a two-in-one cutting board and strainer? What a great idea. It works well to place it over the sink, and as you chop your vegetables or fruits, you can run water through the strainer at the same time. What a great help in the kitchen, there is certainly nothing better that one thing that does two jobs, all while you’re trying to prepare food.

Collapsible Tea Kettle

This silicone on top tea kettle is perfect if you’re a tea lover with a small kitchen, or even if you’re just using a hot plate. To use, fully open the kettle, fill with water, and proceed as normal. When you’re done, just drain the water, and push the kettle into itself to flatten, and store. Not only is this perfect for small areas but also to take camping or on a road trip. Anything that fully opens and closes into itself is not only useful but a clear winner for those looking to save on space.

Sushi Bazooka

This is a must-have if you’re a sushi lover, and more so, if you love to make and not just eat, sushi. This weird but awesome kitchen gadget makes homemade sushi easy, with perfectly rolled, round, and tight sushi rolls that will have anyone eating them thinking they are professionally prepared.

So, magnetic spice tins for the win? Not only can you see how much you have left, but you won’t have to dig through the cupboards because they are all right there on the wall, for easy viewing and easy using. What’s your favorite new gadget from the list?