Wacky Places To Get Married

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Who said that you have to get married in a Church with all of your family around and with bridesmaids and groomsmen? Maybe you just aren’t that traditional a person and you’d much rather shake things up and get married your way. People will certainly remember your wedding for a much longer time is you do something truly unique and interesting. Of course, you might not even want to invite other people to it. You may decide that this is just about you and your honey and that you want to leave things that way. And that’s completely fine. But if you do want to have some people along for the ride, sit back and get ready for some kooky and fun ways to say I Do.

Underwater Fun

Let’s say that you met scuba diving and you really want to seal the deal with some fun fish. No problem. Today, just about anything goes when it comes to your wedding. Invite your friends and family to scuba dive with you in some exotic location. You can all make a great vacation out of it and everyone can have a wonderful time. Or, if you think it’s a bit too much to let everyone go scuba diving (or some of the people are too young or old for this activity) then you can swim with the fish and then come up for air and say your vows then. Just picture it. You’ll both be in your wet suits as the sun sets over the horizon and all of your family is there on the edge of the water with you. You’ll say your vows, kiss and then dive back into the water for more fun.

Walmart I do

Let’s say that you met somewhere like McDonalds or Walmart. These are the perfect place to have a wedding. You can talk to the neighborhood Walmart and see if they will put aside some space for your party and for your ceremony. They would probably love the publicity and you may even be able to get the entire thing paid for. Now that’s a creative idea!

Casino Fun

If you met playing Australian online casino games, or you just happen to love gaming, then this is another idea. Have everyone meet at the nearest casino and you can give everyone some tokens to play Australian online casino games or other choices. You’ll say I Do in one of the ballrooms at the casino and can then have your banquet there (or with some of the free cocktails they bring around). There is something fun for everyone with this idea, and again you might not have to pay for very much to make it happen.

Waterpark Fun

If you can’t get everyone off to scuba diving or the casino and you want to have some alternative fun, you can always go to a waterpark or a carnival to get married. Thinking outside the box is a great way to make sure that you have fun and that everyone around you does. No one really wants to go to a stuffy wedding where you have to wear tight clothes and shuffle to music. Why not have a ferris wheel and popcorn at the wedding? Or have everyone I swim suits and call it a day at the waterpark? These are all ideas that will be memorable for everyone attending and that will really show the love that you have for each other and the careful way that you want to show it.


Keep in mind, as well, who you want to have at the wedding. Just because your dog isn’t a person doesn’t mean that he can’t be there as well. You may have a great time having your dog walk down the aisle to give you your ring. Maybe your parakeet can fly around and land on your shoulder (just make sure it doesn’t poop on you!) or your cat could be part of the party. Think about who or what is important to you and make sure to include everyone that matters. Even if your mom screams that it’s not ladylike to have your dog in attendance- remember that this is your day and you want to make it special for yourself and your partner.
Keep in mind that you are unique and that you want to express yourself in a unique way. There is nothing wrong with showing a bit of spunk when it comes to your wedding and to really embodying what you want to convey on this special day. Saying I Do just got a lot more creative and fun!

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